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chemo in 2 days what supplies should i get?

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im getting just chemo to start for 6 weeks erbitux carboplatin taxol

i gotta get a thermometer.
something to barf in plastic bags?

jello (had my teeth out last week)
gingerale (do i let the bubbles out)
orange peels
carnation VHC ( i got my feeding tube put in last week)

Thanks victor brown

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I don't know that you will need a barf bag. I personally never 'barfed' while I was receiving the treatment. And I am perplexed by the thermometer as well, but to each his own.

I would strongly advise that you bring a book to read, or a crossword puzzle book, or whatever it is that you occupy yourself with when you are just sitting around, and I would suggest that you bring a music player and headphones if you like music. Both will help to make the time pass more quickly, which will be one of your primary concerns.

Take care,


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Food and drink. Yogurt is a bit more filling than jello. The Ensure High Calorie is also a liquid/meal that you may like better than Carnation.

I have no idea about Ginger Ale bubbles bu tcan't think of why you would want it to be flat. Personally, I can no longer stand the taste of any carbonated drink since the radiation.

They may have Wi-Fi access in the Chemo treatment area so a laptop can also help to pass the time.

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I never brought anything with me. They had plenty of books and mags to read and for the most part the bynadryl put me to sleep through most of it.
Hope all goes well for you!


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I agree with 'Bughunter'. The Benedryl puts you to sleep for a while and makes the time go faster. I also read some of the magazines they had in the chemo room. We got to sit in comfy recliners. This will be a good time to relax so take advantage of it. Good luck!

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Hi Victor I'm glad to see your back and I feel for you with chemo I haven't started mine yet but have an operation coming up on June 20th. I will keep you in my prayers. I used to take care of cancer patients the terminally ill untill it was getting me down so I had to stop. They all had ensure 3 times a day and I used to make milkshakes for them, it goes down smooth.You would make it not real thick for you. God Bless,itybitty1

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Hello,#1 Hope things go well, #2 Ask questions when you are receiving your chemo #3 At first you may not want to share with others regarding your chemo and side effects, if any, but it is a good idea as chemo patients have lots of suggestions and they have been there. #4 I also had a feeding tube and they gave me a liquid called Jevity. The amount was determined by my weight in order to maintain it as much as possible. It's loaded with vitamins. It was in prescription form, in cans and delivered to my home. Some of these dietary foods can cause diarrhea but you would be given something to control that. I was given Imodium but always check with your doctor or his nurse. I also was told to drink Boost. It comes in many flavors, and when chilled or iced....it's not bad. #5 Use plastic utensils if you are getting a metal taste. #6 Apple sauce, pudding, jello, popsicles (if your mouth gets sore) cream soups and blend as much as you can. Also, read as much as you can about your personal situation (diagnosis) and as I said before.....ASK QUESTIONS .....Good Luck and God Bless!

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Hi Victor.Hope your chemo is going well.Stay strong and please let us know how you are doing when you are up to it.God bless......Sassyque

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