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Aggressive Stage III

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I have a close friend who just found out he has brain cancer. He is a 33 year old male. He only started showing symptoms within the past month or so. It started off with numbness in his legs, then sudden immobility, and something he described as brain zaps. He finally decided on Wednesday it was time to go to the hospital when his speech began to slur. Early test results showed a lemon sized mass on his frontal lobe. Friday morning he went into surgery. The news was not good. The tumor was cancerous and was classified as Stage 3 aggressive. He was sent home yesterday and will be staring chemotherapy and radiation.

I would like to know how serious this situation is and what the survival rate is for this specific type of Cancer. I realize that everyone’s' cancer is different, so I guess I am just looking for a general response. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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I'm sorry for your friend!,
You did not say which kind of tumor he had. But it really doent matter much. Anything in the brain is bad! If its stage 3 and aggressive, I would say its very bad. I hope he has family and friend to help him in the battle.
I wish him well,

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I believe it depends on the attitude of the person, I had a stage 3 astro, and today I feel good and just like the day I found out I had Cancer. Have him always be postive and never think he has cancer...... in addition disregard the negative comments of the world....

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Hello ehamilton0909:

How is your friend doing?

God Bless

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