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colorectal cancer spread to adrenal glands

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my husband was dx with stage II in May 2006.His tumor was huge -8 cm but it did not spread.After 6 weeks of chemo and radiation he had surgery on September22 2006. Doctors removed 13 nots they all came negative.Surgery was fallowed by 8 three day chemo sessions. Third session was disaster-he had fever and infection in his abdomen/post surgical complications/ so chemo was stopped for almost two month during which he undergo anibiotic treatment. Finally he was done with chemo in April 2007. After we come back from our vacation in October he had another
CT that showed that his adrenal glands are slightly enlarge.Our oncologist did not even mention it-he decided to watch it . He told us about that after his next CT in February . Glands grew little biger but he was not concerned because my husband tumor markers were very low and he thought that it is a case of adrenal adenoma- so common that he decided to wait another three months to do MRI and PET scen and ofcourse PET scan lighted up in two places around his rectum where rest of my husbad nods are and on adrenal glands.Biopsy confermed the worst
Today I brought my husband home from hospital after first of four /for now/ chemos.He had usuall+irinotecan+Avastin--he sleeps a lot-is it normal? Doctor stopped his cummodin that he takes because of blood clots that he developed
durig first chemo .I read that Avastin causes blood clots or bleeding-I am not sure if it was a good decision-my husband is treated for cancer and will die fom clot? I am so scared , so is he. Is there any hope for him?


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There's always hope, dear. I depend on prayer a lot. Try not to panic too much (easier said than done, I know). We'll all be pulling for good results.

*hugs* Gail

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I am sorry about your husbands situation. I am not familiar with mets to the adrenal glands. I don't know if I have heard of that before. Were the adrenal glands removed? You said he just got out of the hospital, so I was wondering if he had surgery?
I was on Irinotecan several years ago and I was usually pretty wiped out the day of treatment and the day after that. By the 3rd day I was doing OK again. How many rounds of this chemo will he have?
I am not sure about the coumadin, but I guess you just have to trust that the doctors know what they are doing. I am sure they will be keeping a close eye on him. It is probably good that your doctors did not worry you with information when they were not sure exactly what was going on. At least you did not worry during those months when they were waiting to see if he had cancer in the adrenal glands or not....
If you are worried about the clotting thing, I would bring it up at your husbands next doctors appointment.
And, of course, there is always hope!
-Susan H.

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Since I'm posting so late a response, Hope this gives you some encouragement. My husband was also on avastin, developed a clot . Ok so not pleasant, but we did lovenox shots for 5 mos twice day and well, currently no shots, no clot, no chemo, and NED .... stage IV, liver mets, 2 major surgeries..so I know how scary it is...but I also know there is hope and people do survive. Keep the faith . God Bless

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