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my moms battle is over mine has begun

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two days ago my mom took a turn for the worst. she now is completely bed riddon. has oxygen, morphine pump,, catheter. she is fighting it so hard it hurts so bad to see her fighting this hard. she trys to talk but it just sounds like mumbling,i feel so bad cause i cant make out what she saying. she has awaken After sleeping for nearly two days.no matter how much morphine or ativan she gets you can tell she so scared to fall asleep. this is absolutely the hardest time of life.now we just wait till she no longer has the strenth to fight.at 49 she has not lead a long enough life. everyone should let their mothers and fathers no how much they mean. on a daily basis. you will not have them forever. good luck to anyone and everyone with cancer or caregiver for it is not easy on any side of the fence you or on.

my mom fought her hardest fight for two days. i got the courage to tell her i would be alright if she had to go visit her mom. witch we lost march 15th 2007 to the same type of cancer. i swore to her i would never tell her that. but i did in hoppes it would ease her suffering and she would be able to start her journy.as hard as it was to do i did it. well five minutes after i said those words she slowly stop breathing.and this hurts so bad .but i keep telling myself she is no longer suffering from chemo side effects or just the pain caused from the cancer.i tell mysef she is finaly at peace.....

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Rest assured, you were telling her the truth. She was lucky to have you there to say the right thing and help her at such a difficult time. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Take care.

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Sorry to hear about your mom. She was still very young. Hope you make it through this difficult time. I know it is not easy, but with time and resilience, you can make it through.

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Reading your story sounded just like my Johns. It brought it all back to me. You are such a wonderful son and caregiver. You are in my prayer...Debbie

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I just read your story as I am new to this site. I am so sorry for the loss of your beautiful mother but I think you displayed amazing courage to give your mom permission to go and let her know that you would be OK. I am sure it gave her a lot of peace to know that her child would be strong and I am sure she felt your love surrounding her as she went to meet her mother. And what a reunion that must have been.

I hope your memories of her sustain you through the months to come and I bet she is now your own special angel constantly watching over you and giving you strength.

Take Care!

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