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Alternative Cancer Treatments and Clinics

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My father was recently diagnosed with lung cancer. He is considering a clinic in Acuna, Mexico (across the border from Del Rio, Texas)that offers alternative cancer treatments from chemo and radiation such as Hyperthermia. They operate under the name St. Joseph's Medical Center. Has anyone heard about this place? Is this place legit?

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I have not heard of the place and so can not attest to its legitimacy. However, I can tell you this: At the same time I was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer (this proved to be incorrect) my neighbor, literally -- lived almost directly across the street) was also dx'd with lung cancer. I went the traditional route, ended up getting a lobectomy and am now doing precautionary chemotherapy and it seems the disease is gone. She had seen her brother die from pancreatic cancer and somehow blamed his death on the chemotherapy, and so abstained from ALL traditional treatment, opting instead for alternative strategies.

She appears to be in the end stages now, I am afraid. I plan to play golf with my son tomorrow.

It is not my intent to make judgements here. There is more in the universe than we will ever understand, after all. But I would strongly consider any alternative therapy IN CONJUNCTION with what has been tried and tested and proven, at least to some degree.

Best wishes to your dad and his family.

Take care,


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With conventional treatment, doctors have done research on scores of folks to see if the chemo, surgery, radiation, whatever, actually made a positive difference. Sometimes that difference is not as significant as we want or need. Face it, I want to hear the CURE word! So far, I'm not clearly hearing it, though I do see that life is longer and survival is symptom free longer. Alternative treatments have not been researched with the same diligence. Their promoters may or may not have something. Of course, if they truly had something, the traditional folks would be using it too in very short order. Selling "snake oil" is a very old way to make a living off vulnerable people. Who could be more vulnerable than someone with cancer? Obviously the medical community does not have all the answers we need yet (no sure of everyone yet), but I am not comfortable turning to those who have an unproven treatment. I prefer to use traditional medicine and complementary treatments (mostly a colorful diet,exercise, green tea, and stuff like that) as needed with my doctor's okay. I know that the power of the mind can do more than we know, so if you believe in an alternative treatment, it just might do more than traditional medicine for you, especially if chemo is failing. But if it hurts, or it reduces your well-being,or if keeps you from getting treatment your doctor is highly recommending,or if it is going to put your family in the poorhouse without benefitting anyone but the folks selling it, watch out!

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Thank you for taking time to reply. Because my dad is late term he will not consider chemo. Chances are his dose would be so severe as it would likely kill him.

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Hi! Mparnas. The most common treatments for cancer are quimo and radiation.I never heard about Hyperthermia but I searched on the Internet and there are a lot of information about it. This is good!. As I understand Hyperthermia is under study in clinical trials and they are improving the techniques. It looks great as an option. Just ask about side effects and possible risks.
I will ask our doctor about it.
Good luck.

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