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Oasis of Hope in Mexico?

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I guess I made the subjet line of my last post too long. I was wondering if anyone has had experiences with Cancer Treatment Centers of America or a coworker just told me today about a place in Mexico called Oasis of Hope? Thank you

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I read your other post but I don't know anything about the Oasis of Hope. Maybe someone else will read this and have some advice. I will keep your brother in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs, Audrey

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Oasis of Hope Hospital in Tijuana is a wonderful and amazing place. My son with stage IV colon cancer received treatment there and he is now 18 months NED. Your brother can get a free consultation with one of their doctors over the phone. I researched all options on behalf of my son, and Oasis was always at the top of the list. I called many current and past patients that have received treatment at Oasis, and received only glowing reports and amazing success stories. Please feel free to email me through this site, and I will be glad to answer any questions you have.


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Can you tell more about Oasis of Hope? My mom is also stage IV & the docs are not giving much hope. What did they do for your son? My mom is currently doing Erbitux and Xeloda.

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This is an old post, 2008, but now that KJB1611 has posted, I must say that the only person I know who went down to Mexico for 'treatment' was our dear NanaB. She passed away within a month of her return.  She did feel like she was giving it one last shot, though, and if it made her feel emotionally better, then good for her. 

I am not sure if it was Oasis of Hope, but it was Mexico and the Gershon Institute. 


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I've been on these boards for years now and one thing that serves as a red flag for me is when someone opens a new account and on that very same day denounces anything integrative or alternative, especially when the original post is many years old.  I've learned the hard way that people get paid to push conventional medicine on these boards and personally rip apart anyone who advocates for options.  It's a sad statement that pharmaceutical companies feel they have to fear monger people into using their products, over and over again.  They must feel threatened by other approaches to cancer.  And what a twisted disservice they do to cancer patients.  I've kept my own data, specific to ovarian cancer, and patients who incorporate integrative therapies tend to have a better quality of life and, it seems, the sooner they get on board with supporting the health of their bodies, the better they do in the long term.  My experience at OOH was very positive and I saw other patients who benefitted from the treatment there.  They don't save everyone who goes there and if the patient isn't willing to make the lifestyle changes they recommend, the success of their treatments is limited.  Good luck with your trolling career, KJB1611.

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when the original post is many years old. 

This pretty much sums it up regardless of the topic.  Someone is pitching something for whatever reason.  Pro or anti any position.  There was someone recently who came on board pitching some alternative.  Same exact pattern as this.

 I have been here just over a year.  I cannot even find my own posts when searching and knowing what specific terms or references I made.  Specifically searched for a post when I mentioned specific URL that I know, but could not find it.  Finding posts from 7 years ago, I am impressed ;)

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I'd like to hear more from Tethys about her experience and costs.  "Field reports" from actual patients are especially helpful to anyone trying to assemble a CAM plan for supplementation with their cancer treatments, not just potential clients.  Notice that OOH provides its own take on nutraceuticals with free information, somewhat similar to Life Extension.   

One thing I'd like to address about negative statements on nutrition and clinics.   So often we hear statements, "Soandso went to some clinic and died x weeks/months later". By this time, someone is deep into hospice territory, hoping for a miracle and looking for some additional time and quality of life. Certainly one needs to consider the type of treatment plans and high costs of any clinics, US or Mexico, let the buyer beware.  Our own plans would be somewhat similar, but home based.

What they really needed was some quality advice their first month of illness, because therapeutic nutrition and milder CAM treatments are leveraged over time to work most before our bodies get blown to bits by chemo, and a raging, treatment hardened cancer.  The more CAM homework that gets done in the first few months means longer benefits and lower costs, assuming you switch to generic supplements over time and avoid deterioration. 

If there is debate, please start a new thread.      original post: May 26, 2016 - 12:47 pm


5/27 update after JanJan63's "why" question below: KJB1611's initial "crusading skeptic" post(s) against OOH (May 24, 2016 am, before Trubrit's post above, now "first 2016") appear to have been now deleted as a spamming troll after 3 days and a dozen repeats.   I noticed that "someone" had also flagged Tethys useful reply.  Thank you to our CSN admins. 


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I'm not sure why this cropped up after all these years but it's not helpful as far as I can see. As I've mentioned before I know of two people who went to Mexico for treatment- possibly at this place, I don't know- including cleansing the blood of sugar, diet change, some other things. The woman went twice and died anyway. The guy died while he was there. It was terribly expensive, too. Fifteen grand each time.

A couple of years ago I watched a program on people who went to Mexico for alternative cancer therapy and they did feel better after but after testing there was no change to their cancer or CEA levels. It was psychosomatic. However, the theory was that they might live longer or enjoy better health while they lived due to their own mental state. The mind is an interesting thing.


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