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Update on Mom

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Hi all...just wanted to give you an update on my mom...Last post about 3wks ago...brief hist: 78 y/o dx'ed in 03 colon ca...3 recurrences...last yr NED...5/08 mets to liver, pancreas, nodes...She had her port installed last week and we went today to have it checked...everything's ok...then had an appt w/onc...she'll be starting treatment next week (irinotecan). He said she'll be on it the rest of her life, although she can take breaks...He's anxious to see how she responds to irinotecan since she didn't tolerate oxaliplatin or xeloda (had to stop treatment both times)...Im hoping she responds well to this and it is successful...Although I left his office pretty devastated, my mom is in excellent spirits and is quite hopeful and upbeat...I didn't get the feeling he was quite as optimistic as the last appt which scares me.

He told her about imodium for diarrhea which I understand is the chief side effect of this drug. Im just praying she can tolerate it this time and it works.


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All the best to your Mom, I am sure this is horribly stressful to you too. I couldn't tolerate oxaliplatin either, but I didn't have much trouble with the 5FU. I don't know about the drug your Mom will be taking, but it's hard to know how anyone will react and maybe this one will work for your Mom. Immodium works well for me and if it doesn't for your Mom makes sure she asks for something else. I really hope this works out well. Amazing things do happen and it sounds like your Mom has a great attitude. I really believe that helps quite a bit.

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I hope your mom does well with the irinotecan. I know it is stressfull for you but I am so happy that your mom is in good spirits, good attitude helps. I'll be thinking of both of you, hugs, Audrey.

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Keeping your mom and you in my prayers. Her attitude and spirits will help her a great deal. Keep the faith and God Bless.


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