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Want to help my brother & less confused but more questions about treatment?

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Hello all, Some of you may recall that I wrote in for my brother who has been battling colon cancer for the last three years. He has been going through clinical trial treatments at USC Hospital as the cancer is in liver, lymnph nodes, lung, abdomen, and rectum. The first trial only resulted with a growth of 25%, he then had a biopsy to determine if he would qualify for another trial that would involve a treatment meant to overcome chemo resitent cells. He did not qualify, I don't really understand the reason. He said that it was good news in that his enzymes were not high enough to qualify him, bad news in that he did not qualify. He is now preparing for another clinical trial, but has to wean off the Oxycontin (sp?)for pain that he was using only a week or so and out of his system. In the meantime, he has made an appointment with an immunologist who was recommnded to us by Patrick Quillin the author of "Beating Cancer With Nutrition." Thank you, Emily, for recommending his book. Perhaps this doctor can help my brother get his diet in control for optimum results. In my research I have found that there is some controversy over the use of anitoxidants and vitamin C when undergoing chemo. Are there any comments or opinions that any of you have to share on this topic? Thank you, Chris

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Antioxidents are a rather hot button right now. Some oncs say they are beneficial, other say just the opposite...both theories make sense...

I drank green tea during my treatment. It was one of the few things that tasted ok. My onc was upset when I told her...check with his oncologist...you want to always do this for the final opinion...it can change the course of treatment...

Hugs, Kathi

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I read Quillen's book and I do try to eat better and I take a lot of supplements. I contribute the supplements to my not having severe side effects. I was strict about my diet at first, but it is hard to keep it up when temptations are all around (from the rest of the family) and when eating healthy takes a lot of preparation (including shoppping right) and you (the one with cancer) are the one who has to do the work. And some days certain foods, no matter how healthy , are not appealing.

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