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all teeth out on tues peg and port in on thurs then chemo on monday?

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my screwed up doctors who took 7 weeks doing nothing now want mt to have all my upper and 3 lower teeth pulled tues, then2 days later they want to put in the port and peg, then 4 days later on monday start the induction chemo;
9 weeks of taxol carboplatin erbitux
then 2 weeks rest then 8weeks of radiation aand chemo.
then 4 weeks rest then surgery.

2 operations in 3 days and then start chemo 3 days later?

Thanks victor brown

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Hey Victor,

I'm sure you probably aren't feeling very good right now with all that oral surgery but I wanted to let you know you are in my thoughts today. Good luck with the port and peg tomorrow you'll probably like being able to feed through the tube with that sore set of gums. Keep swallowing water through this whole thing you don't want to lose the ability to swallow!

You're in my prayers, Wayne

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I was told that they want a minimum of two weeks healing - preferably three post tooth extraction before they would do any treatments.

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The journey you about to embark on is difficult but you can do it. The pulling of teeth now is necessary and will spare you from greater complications later. Every aspect of the treatment is difficult but you will live through it and survive to enjoy life again. It only gets better
and please try to believe me, it DOES and WILL get better


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