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Sarcoma of breast Rare less then 1% of breast Ca

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Anyone else out there with sarcoma of breast, would like to hear from others re treatment chemo ect. treat as a breast Ca or as a sarcoma? Had a
small mass that grew to size of tennis ball in 9 days, Had mastectomy margins clear, nodes negative scans show no mets, I see an oncologist tomorrow, anyone else????

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The biopsy said it was IDC (invasive ductal carcinoma). After a double mastectomy with negative nodes the pathology report came back sarcoma. I had a second opinion done at Sloan Kettering and they said not sarcoma but not typical breast cancer. Yes, sarcoma of the breast is extremely rare. My tumors also grew rapidly. Sloan treated me with chemo for breast cancer since that is what it most resembled and it occurred in the breast. I still don't know what it is. I had my slides sent out for a third opinion to the Mayo Clinic and then my final opinion will be AFIP in DC. Did you get a second opinion on your pathology? You should.

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Hi kimbrimom, Hope you are doing well. Did the cancer turn out to be angiosarcoma? Have you seen a specialist? I am aslo going through this awful cancer, have had 3 operations and going for another one soon to get out more skin that has cancer cells in the margins. What treatments are you taking now?

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In 2004 (when I was 24 years old) I was diagnosed with Dermatofibro Sarcoma Protuberans of the upper left breast. I had 2 surgeries with a 2cm clear margin and then 33 radiation treatments. Since then I have had annual scans and have been in the clear (although I did have a carcinoid tumor in my appendix which was removed in 2006). Right before Christmas I found out that something is now growing in the area that I had radiation on my breast (by MRI). I have to have a core biopsy on the 15th and I'm most likely looking at a mastectomy and possibly Gleevac for a year. Gleevac is under trial to be treatment for this type of cancer now. It's harder this time because I now have a beautiful 1 year old baby that I have to worry about being taken care of while I feel like crap. It's rare, but hang in there. We're just special people that have to have special cancers!

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