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6 months

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As I was driving home from my family doctor's office today, I realized that it's the 6-months anniversary of my diagnosis. My checkup today was good, just a general one for a look see after my recent hospitalization. Just wonder when the unreality of it all will dissipate. I still sit back sometimes and think, "I'm now a cancer patient." Weird! Oh, well. At least I'm still here to be thinking that!!!


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Gail! You have to be happy!! of course you are here!!! I dont know what kind of cancer do you have, but miracles are posible, last year I was dianosticated with colon cancer satge IV and now after chemo, radio,surgery more chemo Im fine without evidence of the dessease, it was hard, sometimes still is hard, but I love to be here!!!! I will pray for you!!

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Right on!
Congrats and stay happy and healthy

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Before you know it, Gail, you will be driving home and think "I am 5 years post diagnosis!"....time goes quickly....It was 3 1/2 years ago for me...and I'm now back to living life large!!!
Hugs, Kathi

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Congratulations on 6 months. In Nov. I will be 5 years out and still I go to the Onc. and feel like I don't belong. Mostly because my treatment was different from what other people are going through. I was stage 1, so I didn't have to have chemo/rad therapy. I just donated a little bit of my colon. I will say this, all of the check-ups and tests for me have just become a normal part of my life. I wish you a lifetime of good check-ups!


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