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What do I need to have in order to use the chat room? Everytime I tried to log in it sayes I cannot use it yet. Then there are about a billion things to download, and I am not sure what to use, thanks, Charlene

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Me too. Soooo confusing.

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I think the chat room is being worked on so I don't think anybody can go in. At least it says so when you first come in.

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TereB is correct. I sent a couple of emails to them pointing out the errors I found, after having a couple of other folks confirm they were having the same problems. I also mentioned how people would find it difficult to figure out which programs to download once they got to Sun, and suggested they do as I used to do, and simply download the application FOR the users. Maybe they will take that suggestion and run with it. In any event, it seems they have taken it back down to do some more work on it.

Take care,


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Thanks for all your help. I'm glad it's not just me not knowing what to do, lol.

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I emailed csn yesterday and they said the new room had 'inadvertently' been made public while in the testing process. They say they will have it up and running for us asap.

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Once it is back up and running, all of us H&N people should schedule a time for all of us to meet in there for a while. What do you think???

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I think that would be a great idea!

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Yes it would be wonderful to be able to talk as this typing seems to take forever. thanks for the input

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