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So Much Anxiety!!

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No official DX, but I had MRI on lump above my ankle. MRI Dr. said in report "favors Benign" in his opinion, but suggested orthopaedic surgeon, only to have HIM send me to an orthopaedic ONCOLOGIST! I am freaking!! I just lost my Mom to mestastic breast cancer in Oct 07, AND I WAS HER CAREGIVER!!! I KNOW WHAT HAPPENS!! PLEASE, any encouragement?

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I know there is nothing I can say that will alleviate your worry.

However, I can point out that you are fortunate to have what appears to be some excellent doctors at this point, doctors who are not going to go with assumptions but are instead taking all measures to eliminate any of THEIR doubts as well as yours!

Best wishes for speedy and happy results!

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I am so sorry about the loss of your mother. Yes, you DO know what can happen. But do you realize that it doesn't ALWAYS happen that way by any means?
I have had 3 cancer diagnoses, beginning in 1986, two were breast and the last was bone.
I will be turning 60 in June and am as fat and sassy as ever. :-)
Please try to concentrate on the best that can happen rather than the worst.
God bless.

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God Bless YOU!!! thanks so much for responding, and your story is encouraging. I am an emotional mess. Not only did I lose my Mom, but my grandmother (MOM'S MOTHER!) just three months later (heart, probably from stress of losing a child). I am really scared. But I do certainly appreciate your post- a- smile response. Thanks!

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We all go through similar feelings of fear, anger, depression, etc. when we are diagnosed with or we think we may have cancer. In your case, perhaps more so because of your Mom. I am sorry about your loss.

Try to think of the positive. Like Soccerfreaks said, you seem to have great doctors that are not dismissing your lump but are making sure they find out what it is.

Not all cancer diagnoses mean it is the end. I've had a rare cancer since 1987, many metastases now but I am still enjoying life and I have learned many things along the way. Zahalene is also right, better to concentrate in the good that can happen instead of the bad.

I hope you get your diagnosis soon and that it is a good one. You'll be in my prayers.

All the best

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i agree with the others..you seem to have doctors that are not just dimissing you, but looking into your problem and making sure of just what it is. I am sorry to hear of the loss of the two important women in your life...your Mom and your Grandmom. I lost my Mom a year ago and was her caregiver. In that year after her losss I have had breast cancer that was caught early enough. There are so many miracles around. I am sure you will be one of them. Keep us posted. Hugs, Cindy

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I know that in your position anxiety is only natural. It is hard to be so out of control in situations like this. My only advice as of now would be to talk to a specialist if you can. I have been dealing with anxiety (panic attacks at 3am ) for the last two months and have finally taken the steps to get professional help, and for now I am taking mediaction to help with my anxiety. Sometimes it can all be just to much and that is okay.. Just know that your anxiety is natural in your situation. I hope this helps

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Heather, I too am feeling anxious and a bit depressed lately. I have been thinking(just thinking) about looking into antidepressants, but hate the idea of taking meds. Your post is encouraging. Is comforting to know that others are finding ways to deal with this issue. Eil

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