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Chronic Myeloid Leukemia

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My 45 year old brother was just diagnosed Friday week ago with chronic myloid leukemia in blast crisis. He suffered a cardiac arrest (his kidney was not functioning fully) last Wednesday and fortunately revived. He was placed in an induced coma, taken off medication for this coma on Friday and we are waiting for him to wake up. Medical staff were hoping he would wake by Sunday. He had a brain scan to see if any brain damage had occured. Nothing significant has shown up. This Wednesday we have been told is the critical d-day, if he isn't awake by then he will be having another brain scan to try & find out why he isn't waking up.

When admitted to hospital we were told his white blood cell count was above 700, normal is 6-11. They got his count down to 40 on Sunday and it was back up to 50 today. He has been in a kidney dialysis to relieve his body of fluids and rid the toxins that may be keeping him in this coma.

Has anyone experienced anything similar? Anything that we can show the doctors that can assist us in our hopes to keep him going?

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I am so sorry to hear about your brother. The only suggestion I have is to make sure he is being seen by a CML specialist not just a regular oncologist. I am 49 years old and have had CML since Nov. 2005. There are 3 really good drugs out there for CML, GLeevec, Sprycel and Tasigna. There are also several drugs in trials that are showing good results also. Look up as much information as you can on the internet so you can ask your brothers doctors lots of questions.
Take care, our thoughts and prayers are headed your brothers way.

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ijust got back on csn afters months, i do hope your brother is out of the coma email prayerandhep@yahoo.com

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