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first treament tomorrow!!

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Hi, this is Valerie. Stage III colon cancer, 1 positive node out of 18. Tomorrow is my first treatment of chemo with 5-FU, Leucovorin, and Oxaliplatin. I'm getting very nervous. Any advice?

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I don't really have too much advice except to say good luck. Back when I was diagnosed Oxaliplatin did not exist. I remember when it did come out, my mothers neighbor (who is in research) came running out to tell her that a new drug had come out - which saves lives! I was getting my 5-FU/Leukovorin over Thanksgiving when a patient next to me was receiving Oxy for Stage IV. I told him what my mother's neighbor had said and I don't know what ever happened to him, but hopefully he was one of the "saved" ones.
Best of luck to you. After tomorrow at least you will know what to expect. Make sure to tell the nurse if you have any nausea, dizziness, etc.
Good luck! I hope it will prevent you from having to go through what I did with my mets! Here's to a CURE!
Susan H.

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Valerie, My husband has finished 7/12 Folfox treatments. Don't worry. His 1st one went real well. I think we both sat there waiting for something to happen immediately. You will get cold, so maybe bring a jacket or blanket. Also, bring hard candy-my husband said he could "taste" the chemo in his mouth. He was shocked how instant the sensitivity to the cold was. Things to keep on hand:Immodium, gatorade/vitamin water/G2, lotion-tons for your hand & feet, apple sauce, GasX. Tell your doctor/nurse if you have any ill side effect. There is a pill for most and the key is staying ahead of it. My husbad had diareha so bad, kinda felt that it was a side effect, but it went on for too many days and ended up his potasium was REAL low. So, don't be afraid to call the office and ask questions. This site is awesome for helping ease worries and advice...Good Luck!!! JMarie

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Hi Valerie!

I also had one lymph node out of 32 cancerous. I finished folfox exactly 2 years ago and I wanted to wish you luck. The first treatment is the worst because of the unknown. Things will settle down and you will know what to expect. Everyone is different. Most people get diarrhea but I never did. Just bring a good book and expect a really long day.
Best wishes,


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Dear Valerie Saying that you are nervous is a heathly thing. Its ok to be scared too. I know I was before my first treatment. I had Oxaliplatin and some other things that you are not. It is very important to hope for the best, yet be prepared for the worst. My first treatment was almost without side effects. the diareha and nausea began after the second treatment ( everyone is different ) allow yourself alot of time to rest you will need it. You are in my prayers.

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Hi Val,
Sorry I didnt get to post last night but my thoughts and prayers are with you today. I remember my first time with oxi, it was scary but wasnt as bad as I imagined it to be. My nurses were very good and the dr was there the whole time. I did have a reaction that night so the next time they made the drip go in slower and it made a big difference. I hope your chemo journey is uneventful but should you have problems dont ever be afraid to tell your nurses/dr. because mine had a pill or suggestion for everything. Good Luck.

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Sorry I didn't see this last night. I hope your treatment goes well. It is scary, I had folfox too. It took me until about the fourth treatment to stop getting nervous the night before, although, in reality, the infusion time, was just kind of long and boring. Make sure you understand about all the anti-nausea meds and how to use immodium if you need it. As others said, don't be surprised if the sensitivity to cold starts almost right away. Ask your nurses and doctors all the questions you have and call them ASAP if you don't feel well. I learned to hard way to stay ahead of the side effects. I know many people tolerate this chemo regiman really well. I hope you are one of them.


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Thx for the tips. I did experience the sensitivity to call ASAP. Had some dizziness, but so far I'm feeling OK. Trying to decide how to carry this pump that I have for 48 addition hours at home. You guys on this board are great.


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I carried the pump like a fanny pack. Worked for me!

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Valerie, hoping that everything goes fine with you.... last year I was diagnosticated colon cancer stage IV, now after chemo, radio, surgery and more chemio ( the one you have) Im fine without cancer!!!! so, be positive, rest as much as you can, be patience and pray a lot! everything will be fine, are you going to have surgery? here is my mail if you want to be in touch.. paramitapankeka@yahoo.es

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I have stage 3, 3/36 nodes positive. I started chemo yesterday 5/21. The hand and foot sensitivity is a bit strange but not unbearable. I was soooo tired when I got home, slept on and off most the evening before going to bed at 10. Today I feel better, a bit winded, but just taking it as it comes. I keep a journal to keep track of what I felt, what meds I took and how it did. Gret referance for the doc's and for you, to look back and check what might help. Hang in there. I just take it day by day for now.

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Best of luck with your first treatment. I managed all 12 treatments without any breaks. It was tuff but hang in there.


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Good luck with your treatments. I go for # 3 tomorrow. I am not doing very well with mine. My first one was pretty rough, felt lijke I had a bad caseof the flu but # 2 was a nightmare. mine are every 2 weeks and I was unable to eat anything until last wednesday and I still have diarrhea. I have gone thru 30 lomotil and 30 immodium since last treatment and have used all but 2 of my alloted monthly supply of colostomy bags and still have 10 days til i get more. Bad headaches, weakness and horrible fatigue. I think it affects everyone differently. I spent my 1st 5 days on the couch. I hope yours goes better for you. As for the pump, it is a pain but I take mine off at night while I'm sleeping and put it under the pillow with the IV line at full length.

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I did the same thing...taking it off and putting it under a pillow. When I had Folfiri at Moffitt they had a new pump which was plastic and noiseless and that one I was able to keep on all night. Just loosened the waist strap. I tried it over the shoulder, like an old lady purse, and also around the waist. Around the waist was best. I kept it to the side as I wasn't comfortable with too much line hanging out. Best of luck to you. I did 16 Folfox. I had the neuropathy and still have it in my feet and 'am sensitive to cold air. It all works out and you get used to it. My best to you.

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I'm glad it went ok. I took Folfox, too, and it caused sensitivity to cold, diahrrea, low platelets, and low white cells after several treatments. It's not a big deal, and shouldn't disrupt your life too much. The chemo infusion is so boring, but I liked to look at it like a relaxing break. I read or watched TV all day, then my husband would leave work to pick me up and we'd enjoy the day together. It sounds weird, but I looked forward to those days.

I hated wearing the pump, and that fanny pack is the pits. Find a cute little shoulder bag to put it in, or have a friend make you one if you can't sew. You'll get through it. Like JMarie said, the chemo folks can do a lot to address any side effects, so you'll be fine!

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