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Report on #1 new treatment

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Well, I was very afraid of this first treatment. It just sounded like so much "stuff". I am now on Avastin, again, Irinotecan and Erbitux. It was a long, long day, but I got through it. It is now day #4 and I am feeling better then yesterday. I had muscle pain and a bad headache. I also slept most of yesterday, but went to my granddaughter's soccer games. I also have a bad cold which I haven't had in some 20 years. The point of this post is to say, try not to waste time worrying. I could have used my worry time more productively. My onc. and the nurses sure know what they are doing and I have a good feeling about this treatment. (Did 16 Folfox, 8 Folfiri, which didn't work, and now this. dx 6/06 Stage IV, a zillion mets to liver.)

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It sounds like you have a positive attitude! Best of luck with your treatments. I'm also a Stage IV - currently NED. I've done the folfox and Irinoten but not the Erbitux. Hang in there.


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I have been reading your posts and know that you were concerned about the combination of so many drugs (I would be too), but it sounds like you are doing great. Funny, I have a cold too, have avoided it for the last decade. Must be the season. Hope all continues to go well.

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Thank you for reminding us not to waste our time worrying. There are so many things that are just completely out of our control in this life. For instance, one of my very best friends, who was also my co-worker was fired from his job this week for the very stupidest of reasons. I could not believe it. I felt similarly when I found out that my nephew (from an upper class home) was shooting up drugs. There is nothing I can do about these things, much like I felt at times during cancer. Even though they make us feel horrible there is no sense worrying about them. It is easier said than done, but I will just try to count my blessings as I press on through this coming work week.
Glad to hear your treatment is going OK. Here is to some progress being made!
-Susan H.

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I'm so glad to hear you are feeling a little better.

Thinking and praying for you,

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Hope this treatment helps! Congrats on taking another big step. All my prayers

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I'm glad to here you are over the worry. I'll be interested to know how this new treatment works for you. I see my onc on Tues to see what's next for me. Had a CT scan done last week, so I'll know what's been going on.

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