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Update on my amazing husband

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My angel Art was diagnosed with advanced renal cell carcinoma in September of 2007. He sustained a fractured femur when he stumbled getting off a plane, and it was discovered to be caused by a tumor. Further tests revealed that the tumor was malignant and began in the kidney.
Art endured 4 surgeries, 3 weeks of radiation and one month in the hospital and two more months of inpatient rehab before returning home in December. At the time he was being treated with Sutent, which caused horrible mouth sores, and nausea that was controlled by medication. I went to visit for Christmas and we were married on January 2, 2008. In February we discovered the Sutent was not working and the cancer has spread so he switched to Nexavar. I came back to Duluth April 26th and tests this trip showed the Nexavar is not working either and there was additional spread with a pleural effusion (sp) that caused a large amount of fluid to collect in the lining of his lung. He was admitted to St. Mary's on May 9th and had a chest tube inserted to drain the fluid. We made the decision to enter The Solvay Hospice House and he was admitted here on May 13th, 2008. http://www.mdfoundation.org/hospice/ It is a wonderful safe and peaceful haven. What happens now is God's will. We have an amazing support system of friend's and family in Duluth, New Jersey and from online communities that we belong too. We are blessed.
Just needed to reach out and post this tonight. I am sorry for my weakness,and hate to send any negative vibes at all, but I need you guys. *hugs*

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You are an Angel. You deserve all the *hugs*, for standing beside the one you love at a time when it would be a lot easier to run away. You have my admiration. I too am going through the "process". I am glad you have the support you need. You are truly blessed.
I don't see wanting to reach out as a weakness. We all need some support, especially when you have been so supportive to your husband. These are tough times, and that's the truth, negative or not, that is the truth. All we may be able to give is support and compassion. Keep your spirit.
Many *hugs* to you and yours.

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Thank God for people like you! You sound like a wonderful person, and I'm sure he is special too! These are the scary times,the road ahead is so uncertain, but with a special person who loves you it all seems easier. My best to you and your husband, Anniec

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God bless you both - you've had a long hard road and you've both held fast and fought hard! As you say, whatever is next is in God's hands and He will give each of you the strength you need to face the future.

Please listen to me here - you are not weak and you are not negative. You are honest and you have told a story of love - not of fear or weakness. Again, may God bless both of you and your families and friends!

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well you definitely get my hugs. I was just diagnosed and will know about operation on May 26, but your story does make me look on the bright side cause you are the proof that situations are worse for others. I am sorry to hear of your angel heart's condition and hope you will find the strenght to be there for him. I tell my loved one to remember that if I go they should rejoice that my pain is no more instead of hurting that I am gone. So far I get experience pain in my lower back, right between the shoulder blades on the side of the affected kidney and on the opposite side in the breast area. Through CT a spot was found on my liver and lung but was later confirmed that liver is an accumulation of fat and that the spot on the lung did not show on the Xray, nuclear bone test show nothing either What to think in this unknown scary adventure. I wish you all the best and please feel free to beep me to chat anytime. Cheers!

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