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Neck/Back Pain

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Following a neck disection 6 months ago I still have significant neck and upper back pain from tight if not locked muscles. I have tried acupuncture and massage with little or no help--Any Ideas??

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Sorry to hear that.
You may want to ask your Oncologist about an exercise program to help to work out those muscles as they can tighten up pretty well after surgery.


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Thanx Bill--I failed to mention that I have been to Physical Therapy along with Acupuncture and Massage--The muscles will loosen for a very short time and then tighten once more--It's driving me nuts and I don't know what to do, and neither do the doctors--I have taken muscle relaxant medication, and it does nothing--I appreciate your suggestion--


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I had base of tongue cancer and just finished treatments four months ago. I noticed my neck was getting very stiff. The doctor told me that was normal and it may get worse by a year. Oh Boy, I thought!!! My son is a occupational therapist and my daughter in law is a physical therapist and said that they can treat those conditions so you may check into that. It's especially bad at night when you're trying to sleep? Good luck.

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I think physical therapy works well for some things and an exercise program helps too. The exercise program is simple and can be done at home. If pain is too bad and physical therapy and exercise do not help, you can consult a pain specialist, which is a doctor who specializes in pain.

This sort of sounds silly, but try to relax. I noticed that when I get big pain where my tumors are, I am usually tense or worried about something and I guess I must tense my muscles without noticing and the muscles tighen around the tumors on my bones. Once I am able to relax, the pain disappears.

All the best

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