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Vocal chord cancer to sinus cancer?

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Two years ago I was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma in situ of the vocal chords. Surgery was done and I have been watched closely for the last two years. Since January, I have had constant sinus drainage to the point that sometimes it drips out of my nose without me knowing it. At my March visit, I mentioned this to my doctor and also told him about some pain in the roof of my mouth that my dentist was puzzled by. He prescribed Nasanex and set me up to see a rhinologist in May. Well my appointment is next week and about three weeks ago my neck, jaw line and ears feel like I have the mumps. My glands are not swollen, but my neck is very sore. The Nasonex helps a little, but there is still a constant drip down the back of my throat. I have a tender spot behind my left ear lobe. I have been reading about sinus cancer and am starting to get concerned. Does these symptoms sound like cancer of the sinuses to anyone or am I just getting paranoid? Thanks! Kelly

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I am not qualified in any way to answer your question, but please be advised that even those of us unqualified to answer share your concern and wish you the best with your pending doctor's visit.

Take care.

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I'll second the well wishes. Hope all goes well, keep us posted either way!

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I don't know that I will be any help but I had base of tongue cancer and just finished treatments four months ago. With it being allergy season, I have had more sinus problems and my neck has been swelling also. I went for a recheck in April and I was fine but I moved my next appointment from June next Monday because I also worry what these symptoms are. That's normal, just go to the doctor that hopefully can diagnosis what it is. God Bless you. Jan

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Hi Kelly,
Just had a second thought on this. You may want to ask your Oncologist about a condition called Lymphadema. It could be the cause of some of the swelling and stiffness.


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