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teeth pulled during chemo?

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im having trouble getting oral surgeon insurance problems. Im due to get 6-8 weeks chemo before radiation. Ive got to get oral surgeon to take all my teeth out. Surgical oncologist told me i can wait and get it done during my chemo, my doctors arent very nice but ive been misdiagnosed for 7 months and have a lemon sized lymphnode with a 4cm tonsil tumor so finding other doctors especially since its taken these ones 5 weeks since i was diagnosed correctly to even talk to me about doing something, im due for 6-8 weeks chemo in a couple of weeks then a 2 week rest then 8 weeks of chemo and radiation.
I finally got an appointment at Mass general they are going to give me an interview this friday as a second opinion i hope.
Time is important im sure but i dont think getting all my teeth cut out while im going thru chemo is good like the doctor brushed me off saying.
Thank you Victor Brown

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I had to have one tooth pulled and all the metal fillings replaced with porcelin(sp?) before my treatment but the chemo was not a problem but they wanted it healed over pretty well before they would start radiation. Ask at the hospital if they have or know of a dental oncologist or whatever they may be called????


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Some people have their teeth pulled before treatment, usually it has to do with radiation. I have not met anyone who had to have ALL the teeth pulled out.
I had some pulled out and my insurance didn't cover it but they did pay for the oxigen chamber treatment.
My dentist has lots of experience working with cancer patients, he worked at M.D.Anderson. The oral surgeon talked to the radiation oncologist before doing oral surgery so they were all sort of working together. Check with any cancer centers in your area or any medical school.

I am not the doctor, but I agree with you. Getting your teeth pulled out while having chemo doesn't sound good.

All the best

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