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support group

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How can I find a support group in my area for throat/neck cancer survivors so I can get some emotional support for the collateral damage I deal with?

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Hi Geezer. I guess that I would call your local chapter of the ACS. If that's not available I would check with your Doc's. to see if they can provide you with some help. I've only been active on this site for a very short period of time. I have received a great deal of assistance from those that use this site. I always find the words of encouragement either meant for you or somebody else helpful. The people on this site have been there, done that. It's often been said on this site that we all heal at a different rate. What works for me might not work for you. But it's been my observation that people on this site are not relucant to share their experiences (good or bad) with you. I pesonally have found this site very supportive and helpful. Hoping that it works for you. Hang in there and don't let this thing get you down.

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We have become something of a support group in here. I have had a couple of people here call me and have talked for quite a while, just nice to know we can all be here for each other as needed. I have not spent as much time there, but check also at the oral cancer foundation site and maybe the Yule Brenner head and neck cancer site as well.


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Geezer, I also tried to find a support group for head/neck cancer survivors and I guess out form of cancer is rarer then others so I could find one to go to, but as has been replied already, this site has been very beneficial to me for questions and support and what is "normal" healing. You can e-mail me anytime and I would be glad to offer any experience I have had. God Bless You.

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