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Dairy and Cancer

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Just a quick search on the computer and you can find studies that support the fact that milk consumption is linked to reduced incidence of cancer....don't just take one study and assume it is fact. I'm not sure of the answers, but I don't think we should all give up dairy foods based upon one report, when there are others to the contrary. Preserved meats, red meat, etc., definitely linked to colon cancer. Dairy...not yet.

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Ah, my favorite nemesis......

Well sure, and there are studies that claim sugar doesn't make kids hyper.

Think about it......is the dairy industry going to allow its product to be linked to cancer? I don't think so.....

here's an article:


there are studies that link grass-fed beef with cancer prevention. It can make one's head spin. I agree, there will always be two sides to the story.

I just read that too much calcium can contribute to prostate cancer and we all know that too little can contribute to colon cancer.
For me personally, I react to dairy--it gives me migraines--so it is not an appropriate food for my chemistry. Meat makes me constipated and with a friend of mine it gives her diarrhea.

For my kids dairy gave them "ear infections" and when I took them all off dairy the ear infections became non-existant.

There was obviously an inflammatory response and inflammation can be an underlying cause of cancers, same with diabetes or arthritis.

Maybe there are others on this board who react similarily and it could be a key link. That's all. And when our kids are involved, it's all about giving a heads-up to potential dangers.

peace, emily

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Hi Runner,

After listening to Dr Healy, the former head of NIH, totally disagree with her former employer about a possible link between vaccines and autism in certain high risk children last night, I don't know what to think or who to trust anymore!

I do know that steroids have been linked to causing cancer and growth hormones are a type of steroids. There are growth hormones injected into most beef (adding 200 pounds of more weight so they sell for more) and dairy (to make them produce milk faster and more often)cows. I have probably read the some of the same articles Emily has and am beginning to think the link is not with red meat and dairy but with the red meat and dairy products that come from hormone shot up and antibiotic fed cows. The beef industry silenced Oprah, so I don't think we'll ever get it confirmed until we put our money where our mouths are. So that is what I choose to do, only buy dairy and red meat products in moderation and from "healthy,naturally fed cows".

I also think that brainwashing is alive and well in all forms of the media and you have to read entire studies to really get the real information. I remember a few years ago when all the headlines said that studies on St Johns Wort (a natural alternative) showed that it did not help with depression but when you read the study, Paxil (a very popular and big revenue generator for a pharm company) didn't work either!! I never heard anyone mention or write about the Paxil though, I had to read it myself.

I think we will be hearing more and more about how we are "giving" ourselves some cancers in the next 5-10 years.

Lisa P.

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I hear you..
I dont know what to listen to anymore either.
Everything that you read is usually being written by people who are making money on their books or internet sites.
Juicer machine makers, organic food producers, ionic water machines...
Dr's are being paid to conduct studies, which are many times influenced by drug companies...

What if the cure to cancer was as simple as eating grapes?
Would we ever find out?
Or would the drug companies cover it up, or come up with a study that disproved it to avoid losing billions of dollars in drug sales..

I think they are really close to a cure, I hope that money and politics dont slow down the process of getting it to us, before its too late.


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Remember the line from the X-files "the truth is out there" problem is we all filter the larger truth into our pre-packaged perceptions. The result is often far from fact and thus our actions misdirected. Milk, red meat, etc good or bad? How about we got cancer because we were meant to? Is that the truth or one of many truths or is there just one truth but just a few things that are certain? The truth(s) is hard but blame for our cancer is easy. One too many hamburgers or fluride in the water? Perhaps the only way to win (know the truth)is not to play (take risks)? This is the problem with those of us and cancer what is the risk? We have gone full circle in that we all fear cancer and want it gone or never to return yet what caused it. Whats the truth of our cancer before we take the risk so we can address our fear? Find the truth...good luck!

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