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Have Faith

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Well, it's been over 5 years since my diagnosis, surgery, chemo, and radiation. In November 2002 I was diagnosed with a fairly large tumor in my mediastinum. Turns out it was Large B Cell NHL. A CAT scan in February shows no tumors. I've been tumor free for over 5 years. What a blessing.

Keep the faith and throw the kitchen sink at the disease and God willing you'll be OK. Continued prayers to all my brothers and sisters.

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Congratulations on your 5 years of survivorship! Thank you for sharing your story.

Take care,

Your CSN Staff

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Thank so very very much for sharing this statment with us. I am still ongoing threatment. It is so encouraging to hear your testimony. Can you please share your experience while going through your trmt? I can be reached by email through csn.

Thanks again for sharing.

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Hi, you are so right. I was diagnosed with stage 4 non-hodgkins lymphoma. It was the scariest thing that has ever happened to me, but thru having surgery and chemo, GOD is what kept me going. I has fortunate to have people around me that kept reminding me that GOD was in control, to have faith that he has, is and will always take care of me. So any advice I can give to anyone is to always, always have faith and hope.

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Thanks so much for sharing your story. My husband complete treatment one year ago for large B Cell NHL, Stage IV, and it's been difficult living with the "what if's" since that time. Sometimes feel like there are three people in my marriage, me, my husband and cancer.
However, "Have Faith" has been my mantra for the last year and a half, so when I saw your post, I had to click on it, and I'm glad I did. Thanks for the encouragment.

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Awesome! It's so encouraging to hear your story. I'm in my first round of chemo for follicular NHL. I was diagnosed 3 years ago, but I had so little disease that we were just watching and waiting. Within the last six months, the cancer's suddenly gotten more aggressive and went all over the place. At the moment, I'm in the hospital because the chemo has worked so fast and so well that it overwhelmed my system and my digestive system shut down. Also, my white count dropped to 500, so apparently I'm extremely sensitive to the chemo. Am wondering how I'll fare through the next five cycles of R-CHOP, but feeling extremely hopeful and confident. I'm hearing so many stories of people like you who are doing great. Congratulations, and thanks for sharing your story!

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