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Carol's surgery 4/30

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Hi everyone! I am back home. I had surgery on 4/30, and it went fine. My doc got most of it, and the chemo should get the rest. One of the tumors was in the bladder/rectal area, and my bladder evidently took a beating. I had to leave the hospital with an in-dwelling catheter, but I hope to get rid of that this Friday when i go for chemo. This is very hard on the ego, and it is also a huge amount of work when you can barely stand up. I also had a very unusual reaction to the Steri-Strips they used over the stitches. My skin has blistered up a lot. The very high-tech medical approach to this has been don't touch, leave it alone. I can handle that.
Thanks to all of you for your prayers, hugs, and support!

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Carol, I'm so glad to hear things went well for you! I'd been anxious to get that catheter out, too. But I like your upbeat spirit and positive outlook. You have good reason to be positive. Let us know how you are doing with chemo. Sending lots of hugs and prayers!

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Glad to hear your home and your surgery went so well. I can only imagine how difficult it is to manuver with a cath in. My sister also responds to med tape the same way as you. Doesn't matter what type either,she just has a allergy to it I guess. Hope all is well and chemo begins soon and get's rid of the rest of the monster. (((hugz)))~~~Joanne

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Carol, thanks for the update, I am so glad to hear you are home and doing well. I also reacted to steri strips when I had my breast biopsy ~ be careful they don't get to inflamed. Pray your spirit stay strongs and the chemo knocks what's left out of your body. Hugs Prayers Bonnie

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please take a look at this:



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Hey Carol, :)

That's great they got most of it. How long will you have to go through Chemo did they say?
How long will you have the steri-Stips on? I had guaze with the strips and was told to take mine off with my first shower after surgery. Had surgery on Friday and took them off on Sunday. NOW......I'm wondering HOW THE STITCHES come out on there own. One piece broke off and was hanging and finally feel off. At my 2 week check up I was told to scrub my incisions, but EVERYONE I've spoke to that has had stitches all said they weren't told to do anything to theirs. I just don't understand how KNOTS can come undone themselves, so the stitches can come out.

Are you going to put anything on those blisters after the strips are off? I would use neosporin on them.

You take care and BEST WISHES to you. Sharon :)

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Good to hear all went well with the surgery. I react to some of the new stuff, like the square steri thingy they put on me with the IV port. They took the debulking surgery strip off the next morning and I had no bandage after that. ((Hugs))

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I am so glad things went well. I told my doctor Tuesday I have no modesty left - so I understand when you talk about the catheter being hard on your ego. You sound like your spirit is strong though and that is half the battle.

I will be sending good thoughts your way and hope to hear that Friday is the day you get the cath out and that chemo goes well.

Take good care Carol.


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