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Another recovery milestone of sorts...

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I can chew gum again without it sticking to my teeth! Not a big deal, just another small sign that I am still getting better even after a year post tx.


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Congratulations Bill! I had the same type of cancer. I'm not a year until the end August. Have you been plagued with chronic dry mouth? Does the gum help alleviate this problem? It drives me crazy. I can't drink enough water and you know what kind of a problem that creates.Congrats once again!

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I use tic tacs...small enough that if I accidentally swallow them it is not an issue, but effective in creating moisture...

...even though I can now chew gum and walk at the same time, I find the tic tacs a better solution...

incidentally, I was originally advised to use lemon drops but found them WAYYYYY to acidic and of no use at all...

Take care.

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Thanks for the info. soccerfreaks. I too was advised to use lemon drops and they about dropped me to my knees. I'm up for trying almost anything to ease the dry mouth problem.

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The gum does not really help or hurt the dry mouth. I just have enough saliva once again to be able to chew it. I do keep the ever present water bottle at hand but I am eating most things without as much water as before.


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I have used Biotene gum and found it helps. My doctors put me on Evoxac and it really helps my dry mouth. If I don't take it I can really tell the difference. This has been discussed on this site before. It appears that it works better for some than others. Like we always say everyone is different.

Keep the faith, I have found that my saliva continues to improve although slowly with time. I'm now two years and seven months post treatment. I can eat a lot of things without water assistance except for bread and pastries.

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hey bill, that is great news! i recently found out the same thing. i started chewing the old fashioned trident gum...the one with the little rectangular pieces. i can't chew anything very well that has a coating on it.

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For all of us who go thru surgery and treatment in the head/neck area, being able to chew gum is a big deal. I'm happy for you Bill!

Biotene Dental Chewing Gum is what my dentist recommended and it works well for me. This is a sugar free gum so it will not hurt your teeth. Biotene has other products for dry mouth such as a gel that you spread on your tongue, a spray, and I can't remember what else. The gum works well for some, the gel for others.

I always carry Biotene gum in my purse for just in case and 2-3 small packs of Biotene gel. By accident I discovered that Hall's cough drops also help, not the acidic ones. I can't handle tart or acidic in my mouth. The cough drops work well.

The good thing about Biotene products is that it is recommended by dentists because it won't hurt your teeth and when you have dry mouth, you need to take good care of your teeth since dry mouth is not good for them.

For more info on Biotene products, check their website www.laclede.com

Keep well all of you!

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please take a look at this:



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