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Want to Help Brother &Too Confused

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Hello, I don't know where to begin. My brother has been battling colin cancer for more than 3 years. He has had chemo and surgeries to remove section of colon,and spots in lung, liver. Now the cancer is in lymph nodes, liver, abdomen, lung, and rectum. These were not changing with last regime of chemo so he was referred to Norris USC for trials. Results from first trial were that it had grown 25%. So he had a biopsy done Friday to see if he would qualify for a pill treatment that as I understand would be used to combat the cancer cells that have become resistent to chemo (FU5). Now we wait for the results. This is very serious, I know. But my sister-in-law just told me that the doctor had (as she understood him) told them that any treatment at this time would be to only prolong his time. She believes he doesn't have time left. But when I asked her how much time the doctor said he had, she said they didn't want to ask. But why would they be doing this treatment and planning on others in case he doesn't qualify for this one? Should we be so pessimistic? I know that this is terrible....But isn't there room for more hope? Isn't there somewhere between hope and pessimism that we can be? I mean prolonging his time, couldn't they find a treatment that if not cures the cancer, contains it, and a prolonged life mean years instead of months? I don't want him to give up hope, and as long as he is willing to try as he is, and the doctor is willing to try, why should we? Thank you for "listening".

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As the family here will agree, NEVER GIVE UP HOPE. There have been many survivors on this board that have been told they only had months or a year to live and they are still hear, so doctors are not always right.

Tell him to keep fighting and hoping. There is a plan for all of us, but there is only one who knows each outcome, God. I found strength to turning to him in my time of need and concern.

I will say a prayer for your brother..... Amen.

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Miracles occur every day. Don't give up!



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Each day living is a day won. Hope is the reason for many bad dx turned good. I was told I had 6 months to live, 3 YEARS and 6 months ago...I'm now cancer free...I was only stage 3, but followed the colon cancer with breast cancer...

If he still believes in the fight, he should fight!

Hugs, Kathi

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Hi Chris! I have great faith they will find something that will keep the cancer from growing, if not kill it completely. My great uncle lived with metastatic colon cancer for 25 years. He was on chemo most of that time. He was a very strong man, and never gave up. I think that's the real reason he survived so long. The best thing you can do to help your brother is to keep a positive outlook, and never let him think you think he's going to die. I know it must be hard, but it's important for his life to be stress-free, and optimistic. If he has access to a computer, have him come to this site for support. People who've been through it can really give you a lot of hope when you're feeling like giving up.

Many hugs,

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Keeping up hope is the key. I am Stage IV for two years (I know not quite the same) and have to be on chemo actually, to live. I don't think in terms of months or years...I feel strong and want to see how much life I can get out of this disease. There are always new things coming. I need to disagree a bit with some, as my attitude is to recognize that this will shorten my life if I deal with reality, but also no one knows when their life will end or how. I don't dwell on the seriousness of the disease, but "it is what it is" as I like to say. The chemo given for Stage IV is called palliative care which does not sound too optimistic and you just deal with it. Your sister-in-law should understand yes, the chemo is to prolong his time! How much time...no one can say. Doctors will not and cannot make a call as to how long one has. It could be months, years, days...the important thing is to feel generally that one's life is worthwhile living. At some point, he might have to choose between "quality and quantity" of life...another reality. Just remember...there is always room for hope. If he wants to try, he needs to be supported in his decision and if and when he doesn't, he should be supported in that too. Each person must decide what is best for them. Sorry, this rambles. You might want him to be introduced to this message board as we all have found great strength and inspiration from it. My best to you.

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Hello and sorry. I am at Stanford for Stage 4. 3 surgeries, colon, liver and lung and lots of chemo. Currently I am clean but the likelihood of it coming back is great. I often marvel at the courage of people before me who took chances, and fought against greater odds trying new medicines, doing a clinical trial, risking another surgery as they have helped me and my family. That old adage of fall down 7, stand up 8 seems to help with me and when I am so tired of all the crap, I try to intellectually think, my fight may help someone else. I know I am a data point but just like my grandparents who fought in WWII, much was accomplished by the brave and few who took chances. I know that's no help to you but in my mind...it helps me

All my best

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please take a look at this:



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Hi Chris,

There are many things that your brother can be doing that do not involve chemo. If he has the desire to look into other ways to heal cancer there are many dietary adjustments he can make to give him a better chance.

My sister was dx'ed with intestinal cancer and I watched what she went through.

When I was dx'ed with Stage 3 colon cancer I decided that I didn't want to do CHEMO and instead I did CHEMIA (the juice of plants).

I juiced fresh organic veggies (3 quarts/day) and ate a simple diet of steamed organic veggies and brown rice.

I have remained cancer free for the past almost 7 years (in August) and have not stopped researching cancer healing.

What I have found important are two things:

1) live enzymes

2) alkaline pH

The first heals all organs in the body and the second doesn't allow cancer to live.

if you're interested in any of this feel free to contact me (I am NOT selling anything at all)- I like to give hope if anything. :-)

hope this helps.

peace, emily

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Yes, I would like any information you can share with me about diet and the two you mentioned, live enzymes & alkaline PH? Thank you, Chris

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