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Brother NED

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Its been a long wait but my brother had his tests completed and no cancer. It looked bad. The family as strange as it sounds were hoping if it is cancer we hoped it was colon caner and not pancreatic which is what the docs were suggesting. I survived colon cancer (so far) so if it was cancer better colon-whats that line from the movie? The only way to win the game is not to play! He won't be joining our membership here (hopefully forever). Someday I hope we vets never hear about another newbie joining our club again! Yeah....... that will be a good day!

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Great, it's so great to hear no cancer. Happy for your brother.

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That is so wonderful that he doesn't have cancer! Were they able to find out what is wrong with him? I can imagine what a relief it must be to find out you don't have cancer, but it can be even scarier to be sick, and no one being able to figure out what exactly is wrong with you. To be honest, that was my worst fear with the colonoscopy. Everyone told me i was too young for it to be cancer, but no tests were showing anything, and i was soooo sick. My biggest fear was i would remain that sick indefinitely. Are they still doing tests on him? Do they think he may have some sort of IBS?

I'm especially glad he doesn't have pancreatic cancer. I agree that that is a scarier cancer than colon.


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That's so fabulous! I'm sure it's a huge relief to all of y'all. Hope they figure out exactly what's been making him so sick, though.


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