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When do we stop feeling so vulnerable, I feel I can't believe my intuition anymore. It's like the rug has been pulled from under my feet. I had kidney cancer surgery 11 weeks ago. My nerves are getting better though, I feel like I've been going through post dramatic shock disorder! Best wishes Anniec

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Hello Annie, I also had kidney cancer surgery. Mine was Oct.23,'07, a partial left kidney removal. It is a shock, and it takes a while to absorb the reality, but it does get easier to deal with. I did have some problems post-op. Then I felt so scared that it would never get better, but with each day and each positive test,it did. It is a shock that none of us ever expects, but as each day goes by, and you recover, you will feel less vulnerable. There are many wonderful people on this site who are willing to help. Once the chat room is back up, you will meet them. Don't give up. RoseAnn

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Ann, I know what you mean. I was diagnosed 2 yrs ago and I still feel very vulnerable. Wondering about every little ache and pain, always wondering if cancer will come back. Having cancer is a terrible shock and and the fear that we feel during diagnosis and treatment leaves an impression that changes us. I find that spending time with friends and loved ones that make you happy is the best medicine for chasing those feelings of fear and uncertainty. I also find that meditation and visualization CDs are wonderful for relaxation and calm. Hang in there, it does get better as time passes. I don't think that we will ever be the same as we were before our diagnosis, but we can eventually get back to enjoying life again for the most part. Blessings to you and good luck, Eileen.

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Hi Ann, it does get better. I was diagnosed with colon cancer 3-yrs ago. You have to find a support group. For me that is my God, my family, my friends and my prayer group. Being diagnosed is a horrible shock and does make one feel vulnerable. But again, as for me I pray, and pray and it has become much easier. I don't feel as vulnerable as I did a year or two ago. Just keep up the good work and you'll eventually realize that you are in control and in charge not the cancer. God Bless, Trish

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I was treated for testicular cancer 26 years ago and I still remain vigilant regarding severe headaches, colon problems, back pain, etc. This feeling of vulnerability can be nature's way of keeping us aware of potential problems and getting them checked out. I didn't have a brain tumor or colon cancer, just a great deal of stress in my life!

Love and Courage!


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Hi Ann.......I was diagnosed with Kidney Cancer in April and had my kidney removed on May 7th of this year. I agree, every ache and pain brings me worry as well. When I really start to get into a panic attack, I have to stop myself and remember that it's all in God's hands anyway....we have no control over it. All of you are awesome people and being here to help each other is wonderful. Thank you all.

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