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other body functions working better?

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Guess what no more constipation since my partial kidney neph. My facial complexion looks healthier, and the strangest thing,a finger nail that has been deformed from an accident 47 year ago, is NOW GROWING NORMAL!!!!! I guess this might be a good omen!

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hi anniec
Thanks for posting something positive! I had my right kidney removed 14 months ago and since then many people have told me how well I look now - apparently before my diagnosis I looked 'terribly ill'. My complexion also looks healthier and I now have rosy cheeks and I generally feel a whole lot better. I can't eat loads of food in one sitting anymore so I have to have a few smaller meals but hey that means no more weight watchers for me! I'm so pleased that you've been able to take a positive look at the whole distressing event.

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Hi jac21,

You're so right! I don't think that anyone will ever get me to admit that I'm glad that I got cancer, but since my diagnosis I: spend more time with my kids, appreciate life more and know the value of life, know that even though I was diagnosed with cancer, there's a lot worse that could've happened, that a lot of people care about me......

I could go on forever............

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I love the fact that someone is telling me the positive side of renal cancer. I had a total hephrectomy done on May 7th, and am feeling better already! Thank you and God bless you!

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