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Not giving up!!!

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Thank all you semi colons for your support and information!! You are all dear and special!! I have appt next Tues. with the Onc and have list of questions...Neupogen, clinical trials, etc. Out of insurance currently so the Cherokee Nation is paying for my treatment and they don't refer to any of the top cancer facilities unfortunately. However, I do have God, a leading authority in my opinion, on my side!! No fear!!!!

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Great spirit. I am with you! From what I know, you can "self refer" to any of the major facilities. I just am not sure how they would handle the "no insurance" thing. They should also know of programs that might help you with the costs. I am sure He will guide you to the help you need. Linda

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They told me when I went to my oncologist before my medicaid was approved that they had "programs" so be sure and ask about that. They also gave me samples of my chemo drug the first go around which was xeloda. My prayers are with you.

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Hi mrsgrandlake! Cancer care has given me cash grants to help with my costs. I don't think they base it on income. And the American Cancer Society has also given me money to help with transportation costs.

I'm sorry your insurance ran out. I hope they didn't drop you because of your condition? I've heard of that happening to people. I hope the Cherokee Nation is picking up all of the costs. If not, maybe Medi-cal can help, and if you're in California, there is CMS which helped me IMMENSELY! Good luck! I just love your upbeat spirit!

Many hugs,

If you need any of the numbers i listed above, let me know, and i'll try to locate them. I would ask one of your docs or nurse for a social worker. Mine took care of almost everything for me.

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