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Sleepy colon

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Help! I had my colon resection in November (Stage 1). Ever since then my colon has been sort of sleeping and forgetting what its job is. I was hospitalized not quite 2 weeks ago for pain and being completely backed up. Yesterday I was in horrible shape again and managed by the skin of my teeth to talk the doctor out of another trip to the hospital. I did have more bloodwork, more x-rays, and more dreaded liquid to drink to get things going. Who else has gone through this? How long did it last? What worked? I'm already taking Miralax every day, and as of yesterday, I've upped that dosage to twice a day. I need relief!

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When I had my surgery, I woke up with an illeostomy. That was reversed after 9 months. My doc said to expect changes for up to 36 months (3 yrs). Fortunately, I was fine from day one. I have heard of folks on here having blockages and that created problems, as well as problems from scar tissue. I wish I could offer some advice.



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I did not have the problem you had after surgery but do you eat a lot of fiber? Raw Veggies, nuts, etc? That always helped me. (I had to stop eating that stuff during chemo, though)

Juicing helps, too (carotts, spinach, apples, celery)
Do you exercise to get things going?

Lots of questions..>>grin>>

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Yes, to all of the above, with no good results.

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Not to be too graphic, but when things aren't moving like I would like them to, I find that just "sitting" helps. I always hated the toilet process and kind of forget that most normal people just do this. Good reading material helps. I am just not good on "knowing" when I have to go and almost have to make a conscious effort to just do it sometimes. Other then that, the excercise and fiber are the right things to help and you do that soooo...it does get better. If you are on chemo, that plays havoc with the system too as I am sure you know. Good luck.

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Cross word puzzles really helped me! (just made me relax)

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Get ready, you know what I am going to say...

WATER! (or fluids). I can tell the difference when I'm not faithful to keep my fluids up...I get clogged. Just recently, reminded again...partial obstruction (#8, I think)...hurt like the dickens! I'm sending big hugs.

Hugs, Kathi

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Every time I stop drinking enough water, I have trouble. Used to love drinking it, now not so much. Have you tried some of the old things prune juice, apple sauce, etc and really high fiber cereal. I also do yoga (yes, don't laugh) but there are several postures that stimulate elimination. I had a bad week this week - no enough liquid. Sounds like you are having an awful time, maybe some of the old tried and true, plus the new, plus some of the right excercise would be worth a shot. Good luck.

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Yes, yes, yes! I am 3 1/2 years past diagnoses and surgery. I'm ALMOST "normal", but not quite. For me, making sure I had a lot of fiber and fruit in my diet kept me pretty happy. If I ate junk, whew did I know it! Fortunately, I never had to visit the hospital, but I know that there was a time or two that I should have. I drank plenty of water, excercised, and ate plenty of fruit and nuts and things got back under control. It seems that after colon surgery, I am at either extreme... but, it is a lot better now and a lot more forgiving. I'm surprised that the miralax hasn't worked. Maybe a different brand? ducolax always worked for me, if it came to that.

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The funny thing is that I thought the Miralax was working, to a certain extent. Going to the bathroom several times a day seemed decent, to me. However, there was still a boatload of "stuff" in there. My friends are teasing me about being full of it. Funny stuff, except for pain that's strong enough to make me scream.

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same here

1. fruits and veggies
2. fiber (benefiber 1x day)
3. walking for exercise several times a week for at least a half hour
4. enough fluids each day
Any major change in this patter on a weekly basis and you guessed it, nothing works right.

also, like others, I have to focus on going...not like the old days when we just knew.


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