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disability ins

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Should I ask the insurance company this question?.......If my myeloma cancer becomes stable will I lose my disbility payments?..... Has anyones cancer become stable will collecting disability ins? I'm also collecting SSD. I lose my job in July. I'm nervous I will lose my ins and have no job. I cannt work because of bone lesions and painn.

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I am an elementary school teacher, diagnosed w mm in Jan 06, was out of work completely for about a year--collecting full disability (60% of my salary) I went back to work part time a year ago (half time)and my mm is considered stable, but I too have osteoporosis with lots of holes in my bones from the myeloma, also have some, but not real serious, neuropathy in my feet , and I have been collecting partial disability payments (my disability insurance makes up the difference, so my employer pays me 50% for my part time work, and disability pays the other 10%) Although I felt my disability insurer began to push me toward full time employment, my oncologist was supportive and recommended just half time. Your situation is a bvit different, but it seems to me perfectly understandable that one can have stable disease, but cannot perform one's job because of the pain (does it affect your sleep? are you on pain meds that make you loopy?) and the danger to your bone health that certain types of work present. For me, I had had several broken ribs and many compression fractures of the spine, and there was no way that I was going to jeopardize my bone health in my job. I made a point of emphasizing the dangers of lifting, twisting, bending etc, and the disability folks didn't disagree. My brother, who is a lawyer, strongly recommended my getting a disability lawyer if it looked like they were going to challenge my benefits. It didn't come to that, but perhaps you should consider getting one. They would have run into this situation before.

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Thank you for your reply. I called my claims manager a few weeks ago to notify her the cancer has stabilized, she said' "the stable cancer will not affect your claim" This answer has decreased my stress about losing my job. I have conceded to the fact I no longer am able to work because of the destruction this cancer has done to my body. The description of your problem is an accurate description of my problem and I am sure a high percentage of anyone with this cancer.

I was diagnosed with mm in 2001, had a stem cell transplant and went into remission for 5 years. I am currently on my second relapse, taking Revlimid and Dexamethasone. This treatment has stablelized the disease. Good luck and take care.

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