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Cancer in Liver - Fatigue

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Background - Stage IV since 2002

Recent - could not receive treatment for the past three weeks for two reasons: due to erbitrux a sore near the port site and low red blood cell count - so doctor ordered an iron transfusion (did not work) and then ordered a blood transplant. Both prior to and right after (a couple of days) the blood transfusion, my dad was very weak and tired. During this time, he was not on chemo. Prior to this (while on chemo), he was able to bike 14 miles a day and enjoy a normal life (retired!!). Oncologist said today that his energy or lack of it is due to the cancer in the liver. We are confused because we thought and were told that the regimen was working because he had the erbitrux rash all over the place and his lack of energy only occurred when the doctor discovered his low red blood cell count. Doc said that his energy level will return once he gets back on treatment. Anyone ever heard of this?



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Sorry about this. I'm stage 4 since 9/06. I did have mets in liver before they were able to be resected. Yes I did have low energy but chemo made it even worse for me. I too had the rash with Erbitux and found that to be very uncomfortable sleeping so that tired me out. I do feel for you and pray that things get better.

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The low red cell count will certainly cause fatigue. Did they tell you what the cause is? The chemo can certainly depress the production of red cells but it would likely affect the other cells like the white cells. The red cells could also be destroyed quicker than normal (hemolysis) and they would need to determine why that is if that is the case. Ordinarily he should start feeling stronger within a day or two of getting the transfusion, if it raised his red cell count. If not, he perhaps needs more. Just some ideas, don't know if it helps. Hope he starts feeling better soon.


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Hi Jennifer,

It sounds like you have already gotten some great answers to your questions. I am sorry your dad is struggling right now. I'm thinking of you both and wishing and praying for better days for your father.



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