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21 years old and was 36 weeks pregnant when I found out I had stage 2 NHL

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my name is Gabrielle. Im 21 and I was 36 weeks pregnant when I found out that I had stage 2 Large B cell NHL. I found a lump on my neck and ended going to the ER plenty of times to try and figure out what that lump was. My primary doctor ended up haveing me go and get chest Xrays done an at that time they said they didn't know if it was just an enlarged Lympnode or it could be tumor. The chest xray showed that I had a 6inch tumor in my chest also. I had the biopsy done on my neck which my hospital had sent to another hospital to conferm what it was and then ended up loseing the biopsy. anyways that was October 12th 2007, when they had told me it was cancer, but they didn't know what type. They had me go to another hospital two hours away from my home when they where going to induce me so my son would be born so then i could start my chemo. they had told me that the tumors where brakeing so fast that they were going to drain the fluid that was around my heart because if i had gone into labor i could of gone into cardact arrest. well ended up they didn't drain the fluid. they gave me an empadural and lots and lots of drugs when i started in labor. they had to pull my son out with forseps due to all the complacations i was haveing. I had fluid around my heart, a collapsed lung, and my kidneys where shutting down. but in the end on October 17th 2007 I had a 5lb 5 oz handsom baby boy. who i named Collin Grant. Grant after my mothers brother who had passed away in May 12 2007 of Lung and Bone Cancer. also my mothers father had passed away of Lung and Bone Cancer May 7 2005. anyways... It has been alot to handle with losing my grandfather and unk. and with a new baby! Im surprised im not crazy by now.
I had 6 chemo treatments that started three days after i had collin.i also had to have a blood transfusion. Im right now doing radiation which ive done 10 and i have 10 treatments left. My second chemo treatment I had a 50% reduction in the main mass that was in my chest. I had a PET scan in march that showed im in remission! no signs of cancer!!! but they want me to do radiation to be on the safe side.
chemo wasn't that bad, i was just really tired,plus with a new baby that doesen't make it easier. but other then that i did fine. Radiation is kinda getting to me though now. trouble swallowing, but the doctor gave me some meds to make it feel better. i just can't waite to be done with this, and enjoy life and enjoy my son.

Im still very scared, but not gona give up. my sone makes me stronger. an haveing cancer sucks but it has made me a much stronger person.
I would like to chat with people and not feel alone in this. so please write me back and tell your story.


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Hi Gabrielle,
First, congratuulations on your precious little boy! Sounds like you have really been through it and I hope life will let you rest and enjoy things now. Well, as much rest as you can get with a baby to take care of! I hope your family and friends have rallied around you. I was 21 when I had my first baby and I remember how special every little new thing he learned was to me. Do you keep a scrapbook for him? I have been doing one for my 2yr old granddaughter since she lives far away and I don't see her much.
I have stage 4 nhl (dlbc) and just made 1 yr remission. I had a mass in my heart but it disappeared when I started chemo. I didn't have radiation but I read it really tires one out etc so I know you are very strong. Hang in there. I will keep you and Collin in my prayers.

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thank you. and yes it has been a long hard road to travel. but my lil Collin makes me stronger and stronger each day. he is the fight in me. i don't think i could have handled this without him. he has kept my mind bizzy and keeps me going. n thank you. as i will do the same for you. keep you in my prayers. no, i really haven't had the time to sit and keep a scrap book. but when ever he does something new i write it on the calander, so i can put it in his baby book.

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please take a look at this:



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Stay strong. I had the same treatment regiment. I've been cancer free for over 5 years now. I had a large tumor between my heart/lung. No other tumors. They elected to remove the tumor (big scar), gave me CHOP-R, and 20 shots of ratiation. 18 months after the radiation treaments I had a small heart attack. Bypass fixed that. I'm about to retire and enjoy life. Stay strong. God Bless!

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hi gabi,
im 27 years old and diagnosed with hodgkins stage 2b at 31 weeks pregnant, i was induced at 34 weeks to a beautiful girl who was in the nicu for a week she was born with collapsed lungs and she has come a long way! she was born 5 lbs 10 oz!!
i just began my first treatment of abvd and this week has really been hard for me, i felt sick, tierd for a whole week and my mouth was killing ,me! today i got a gift for mothers day, my mouth no longer hurts me so im happy, i got a nurse for the baby by a charity organization in my community so that helps a lot...
let me know what i should be expecting the next couple of weeks , we seem to share a lot and im curious about ur expeirience! my name is rivka...

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Hi Gabrielle,
It's hard to say to you everything will be alright because I have been through this as well. I was diagnosed with a large tumor in my chest which I thought was pneumonia. I went in one day to the emergency room when I couldn't work anymore and they gave me an x-ray. I had large B-cell mediastenal(?) non-hodgkins lymphoma. I took a course of chemotherapy and radiation and have been in remission since the first chemo treatment. I don't know what to tell you but to hang in there and fight as hard as you can. I hope you have good people around you to help you through it all, and if you feel you need help find it by any means necessary. It sounds like you have been through so much at such a young age and it is always a monumental shock that most people don't understand. If you ever need someone to chat with don't hesitate because I have been there in the same spot. And I need as much help as you even though I am in remission. People don't understand the burden of this disease. You just don't forget that you have cancer. Please contact me if you ever need help to deal with this. You are in my thoughts and prayers. God bless.

Brad Pelzek

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Hey Gabrielle! Keep up the good fight! I admire your spirit and Collin is adorable! I too am a young adult dealing with cancer and wanted you to know that I found www.imtooyoungforthis.org or www.stupidcancer.com, to be a tremendous asset. They're the leader in support for the young adult cancer community. Hope you're doing well!! Take care. Jack


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hey my name is morgan i was 18 when i found out that i had stage 4 lymphoma..I also had a lump in my neck for at least a year before i got it checked out...The first 2 doctors i went to told me it was nothing then i got a 3rd opinion where they removed the lump and told me i had lymphoma...I had a Cat scan and had tumors in my chest and pelvis also...I didnt know what to do..My grandmother had breast cancer so i figured it was a trait. I had several surgerys also went thru 10 rounds of chemo that had me very sick. I couldnt get out of bed just laid there all day..Had 2 drop out of college.. Was very depressed..Couldnt even look at my self in the mirror nor did i want my friends to see me because i didnt like how i looked at all. My mother stayed there with me night and day taking care of me.. I am so grateful for her. She made me go out side and go places. I dont think that i would have made it with out her. After my sessions of chemo i took more Cat and Pet scans and they told me i was in remission. That was the best day of my life.. Now i am 21 living a good life everything seems 2 be right but for the past month my left upper back had been completly numb and im not sure if it coming back or not..I have a doctor appt on wednesday so please pray for me

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