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growth on mucas membrane

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went rad oncologist on wednesday,,got scoped,,,found a pollup or some sort of growth on a mucas membrane,,said it did not look like cancer and not to worry,,,well im sure all of of worry quite a bit,,seeing my ent on 05/01 looking for some good news,,till then will keep on back burner,,,anyone have any thing similar??

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Hi Shamrock,
I just went through something like this.I was called on a Wednesday and told I had an appointment on the following Monday with my surgical Oncologist because they saw a "spot" on my thyroid. Needless to say, I didn't sleep pretty much the rest of the week! Even when they tell you "it's probably nothing, don't worry" HA! If you thought it was nothing, you wouldn't be dragging my butt in there to look at "nothing"! As it turned out, someone read my last CT scan wrong. My original tumor is still in my neck and not worth going in after as it is too close to the coratid artery. What the spot on my thyroid was was the tumor viewed from the side and projected onto the thyroid by the person viewing, it was NOTHING! That was of no help from Wednesday to the following Monday. I feel for you, I know exactly what you are feeling and I bet they are right and not to worry!


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thanks bill,,ive been almost a year out from treatment,,kinda felt things were going to good!!haha,,just gonna wait and see what happens,,thanks for your support ,,dennis

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Trust me my friend, 90% of what we worry about does not deserve it. This too shall pass..........JK

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thanks jk,,im all over that,,gonna have it looked at next week,

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