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2nd dose of RAI

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My Endo. just told me that I would need to have second dose of RAI. I had total thyroidectomy in Oct 2007, had first RAI treatment in January. When I asked why I had to go through the whole treatment again, so soon, she said it was "procedure". I'm sorry but becoming hypo just to go through actions that are "procedure" doesn't seem right. Has anyone else had this happen? I had bloodwork done prior to my visit and she said my numbers were fine. Aside from my Vit D, B12 and Cholesterol. Thank you for any insight

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Did he say when you would need to do thsi second treatment? You should not before 6 months from first one due to salivary gland damage. My daughter had a 150mci on 12/18 and the post scan revealed some unusual uptake that they weren't sure if the ra131 worked so suggested a second treatment IF her tg was elevated at her 8 wk post ra131 FIRST treatment. Well, her tg was good at .4 - 8 wk post ra131 so she is doing a full hypo prep for june and getting retreated is there is ANY detectible tg while hypo. They said she shouldnt be treated twice in less then 6 months. They should tell you why a second treatment. Ask how your wbs turned out and if it ablated all your thyca/or thytissue AND ask what your 8 wk post RA131 TG reading was. If it was still elevated, it would point to needing a second treatment. Dont be afraid to ask. What is your tsh? that should be below .5 or so.

Good luck and let me know what you find out. My daugther may need a second treatment too. She is a pap thyca/ T2 N1a, MX path with lymphovascular invasion. thanks and good luck. take care, DP

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