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Looking for others

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I have posted before, but I am looking for anyone that has/had stomach cancer. I would love to share stories and get insight into issues we face daily. I was diagnosed in May 07, had surgery (full gatrectomy), short fling with chemo and 25 sessions of radiation. My issues now are eating and gas problems. Please if you are in my boat, please contact me here and we can talk :)
Thanks for taking the time to read my post.

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Hi Anne. My wife had stage IV stomach cancer and had chemo prior to surgery and surgery for a total gastrectomy in August, 2007. It has been a difficult period of recovery since surgery, but she is doing well now. Still experiences a lot of cramping and gas pressure after eating. She takes Reglan before eating, and if cramping persists after eating, she then takes 1/2 dosage of oxycodone. She has communicated with other women who have had gastrectomies 7 & 8 years ago, and both are doing very well now. Apparently, it takes some time for your system to readjust to your loss of a stomach. She would very much like to communicate with you via email.

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i'm 25 years old my father was diagnosed with stomach cancer last year everything at first was going well. he ate very small portions. i never heared him complain about gas but i do see that he tends to vomitt every time he eats did your wife do the same?

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I was vomiting almost every time I ate. It ended up that my bowel was obstructed due to scar tissue and the food couldn't pass through. I had to have an operation to remove the obstruction.

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My uncle was just diagnosed with Gastric Carcinoma..... he was operated and the diagnosis changed to much worse---

THis is where he stands now
Metastatic gastric adenocarcinoma carcinomatosis... Are you knowelgable at all in this? Can you direct me where to search???/

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Hi Anne. I just joined this site. There are very few posts and replies, not a good sign. My name is Tom.

I was diagnosed with stage IV stomach cancer Jan 2007 and had surgery in May 2007. So, I am one year post surgery. I still am very careful about eating. I'm sure you had the common problem at first of only being able to eat very small amounts at a time. This has gotten progressively better for me. For the last six months I now go through a four to seven day cycle that starts with constipation, then gas, then diarrhea and back to constipation. My primary care MD recommended regular fiber supplement. Last week I went in for lower left abdominal pain and they think it may be diverticulitis. Never a dull moment......

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I've just posted to another "thread" on this site and also want to reply to you. My husband is going through this too and very frustrated with diet and lack of good guidelines. Since I cook for him, I share his frustration. We are happy to share any good advice we get or any good results. Thanks for your posting.

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Obviously everyone is going to have their own experiences. Location and treatment is going to effect each of us differently. Since your treatment sounds similar to mine (Chemo/Rad, Total Gastrectomy w/ 1/3 esophagus removal, then a 2nd round of Chemo/Rad) I'll let you know that you are not alone.

Sept 13th being my one year anniversary of surgery which I am calling Survival/Survivor day is actually more important to me then my birthday at this point. I still have gas issues as well. When I eat I tend to have to concentrate on swallowing and dealing with the fact that as I'm trying to swallow my food I have air bubbles trying to escape up. I often get into a dance of sorts trying to control or guide the food in some way.

Obviously some common sense like avoid congealing foods like bread helps to a degree, but just about anything I eat will give me problems. I know about every 2-3 months I can start to feel my esophagus tighten, which makes the above problem even more difficult to deal with. The best help I can provide I guess is I use tiny bite size portions.

But I am able to eat steak, chicken and other foods. I used to like things medium-well, but I order medium cooked now, because they are a bit more tender and easier to chew.

At the current time I'm lactose intolerant after the surgery. But it seems like the last month or two that it may be subsiding. Though I'm not testing it too much.

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Hi Anne, I was diagnosed with stomach cancer in Sept. 04. I had a partial gastrectomy, chemo and radiation. As you know, it was difficult - especially the eating, vomiting, gas and gas pains. However, it was getting better, and I thought I had beaten it. I had trouble with scar tissue and had to have an operation to remove obstructions to the bowel. This April would have been 4 yrs. after my treatments ended. Unfortunately, this Dec. 08 the cancer has recurred and is now at stage 4. I have started chemo again and I am not sure what is in store for me, but I am going to give it one heck of a try. So hang in there - I am.

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Hi Mtw40
I had my complete stomach removed on Oct 3, 2008, one year after my diagnosis.
It has been six months and you are correct the eating, vomiting, gas and gas pains are getting better. However now I am dealing with acid reflux... has this happened to you. Any suggestions? Also I have recently developed constipation, I thought was caused by all the tums, Pecpid and Zantac I have been taking. Now today I had my six months cancer free CT done and they found a thickening of a bowl (somthing now sure of the termonology) they do not know what it is at this point my onocologist said it could be nothing, but he wants the CT done in six weeks to be sure. I am now wondering if it could be scar tissue, I am just going to be positive for six weeks and try and get as healthy physically, mentally and spiritualy as I can and pray for the best. You have been cancer free for four years, that is fantastic and it tells me you are a strong person, hang in there and stay positive. If you want to vent or if I can be of any help PLease leat me know. Also you can be a good positive source of information for me.

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