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21 years old ovarian cancer and scared.

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On April 28th of 2006 I had a mass removed from my left ovary. Almost two years later on March 28th 2008 I had a total hysterectomy. This has been so hard! I felt like I lost everything in one day! I was about to be engaged and planning to get married in October! I have wonderful friends and family who have supported me. But I am scared! They are wanting to do treatment this time and I dont know what that is going to be like! I wanted to see if there was anyone out there who could help me and encourage me!

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I know all about bad timing! My husband and I just got married in December 2007. We'd found out about a mass in his pelvis in early November. The doctors said cancer on a nerve in his pelvis would be extremely rare, so they didn't think he had cancer- not even when they removed it finally in February! Three weeks later the pathology/lab results came back that it WAS cancer, and it was a very aggressive rare type- high grade at stage 3. So now my husband's had two chemo treatments and will be going for 5 more plus radiation. His chemotherapy rounds last for 4 days straight. He gets Ifosfamide, and Doxorubicin. He'll be getting Ifos. and Etoposide the next 2 rounds, and I don't know what after that.
We feel like we're too young for this. And we are. And so are you. But that's an advantage for recovery! Let me know if you'd like to talk more. I've needed to talk to someone about your similar issues too.

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I am 33 years of age.. I am also a 4 different cancer survivor.. 1 I really don't concider since it was stage 0
I had leukemia, uterine leiomyosarcoma IIc, Ovarian stage 0, and basosquamous cell carcinoma (basel cell/squamous cell.. non-melanoma type skin cancer.. 1 bout 2 types).
I am not married, and nor will I be (that is as far as I know.. I am to stuck in my ways, and like to be alone).

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Hi LyndsieRae,

You can find support here and from your friends and family! No one should go through something like this alone. My best friend had a hysterectomy at age 19. She's 24 now, and having some weird problems with bleeding; her doctor says her vaginal walls are thinning drastically. I try to get her to talk about because I know she's worried and scared. I hope that you are able to talk about your hysterectomy and treatment without feeling awkward. And I bet people say really stupid things in response sometimes, but don't let that make you feel like you shouldn't talk about it. Make a list of questions to ask your doctor about treatment and ask them every single thing you want to know! Ask her/him what other patients went through in treatment. It's your life and your treatment and I think it is great you are asking for help!

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hi my name is lynsey, i am eighteen years old. i was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in october of 2008. i know what it is like to be scared, i went thru treatment from october to december of 2008. i just wanted to tell you to be strong. im praying for you girl. if you have any other question or just need to talk, im here for ya.

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I just noticed the date on this post and am wondering how you are doing?

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hi i'm 22 ive got 2 young daughters i was wondering what your syptoms were my doc has sent me to a gynocolgist im terrified of the result

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I know I am not able of relating specifically to ovarian cancer but I am a 2 time cancer survivor of the deadliest type and I was terrified at first but unity is stength. So kno that we are all with you in spirit young adults with cancer are the smallest group but also the closest. I had Leiomyosarcoma growing into my pancreas and I was given a 2% chance of survival and I am still here. Never lose hope!!!

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