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Need your opinion - recurrence

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Hi. Previously posted as new member - in recurrence. I met with my doc today to go over the CT results. I have a small mass in the pelvic area. I have 2 options - chemo alone or surgery and chemo. The surgery should delay the next recurrence but by no means prevent it.
What is your opinion on what option I should take? By the way, he is leaning towards the same carbo/taxol combination I had before, since it seemed to work well. If I take the surgery option, he would test the tumor to determine the appropriate chemo agents.
Thanks. I trust your input, since you have been there.

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I've not had a recurrence yet, but all I've read is it really depends on how far out you are from your first chemo. What you use, is it platinum sensitive, etc. In my mind, I would think I would do the surgery & chemo route to give me peace of mind, but until I am faced with that decision I can only speak from the "what if" point of view.

I wish you well, hope you keep posting and let us know what you decide. You know all the other ladies on this site are so wise - they will give great advice/opinions.

Sending you hugs and prayers.


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I think like Kris. Still in my initial treatment at present, so I have no experience. Saundra

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Yes, I've been there. First OVCA in 2000 (stage 1C) - surgery, 6 rounds of carbo/taxol. Second in 2006 (small mass in pelvic area), surgery, and 6 more rounds of carbo/taxol. However, I did have an allergic reaction to the taxol on the second treatment, so it was switched to taxotere. I have been doing well since, and will go for a follow-up CT, blood work and OV this month (God willing, all is okay).

Personally, my doctor didn't even give me an option as to surgery or not. We weren't sure the new mass was cancerous - CT was not conclusive, neither was pelvic exam. In fact, the only reason we assumed it was it because my CA125 kept rising. So, there was no question for me. The second surgery he again removed a few lymph nodes (all were clear), and I requested that my appendix be removed (I've heard of many woman having appendicities in their later years, and I figured as long as he was in there, take it out). So, it definitely depends on your circumstances. While no one looks forward to surgery, it gives me peace of mind to know that we've done everything we can to get rid of this nasty disease.

Hugs and prayers to you! Keep us informed.

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Any time you have surgery, you increase the probability of adhesions, and adhesions can cause real problems of their own. Has your doctor suggested any clinical trial-type chemo? The carbo/taxol combination is the safest way to go for the doctor, and it's been around for a long time now, so if you're unsure about the surgery, you should probably go with chemo alone.

Is there any possibility of testing tumor material from your initial surgery, rather than looking at "new" material from surgery, or maybe a biopsy via needle or laparoscopy for the chemo agent testing?

If it's a small mass, could laparoscopy be an option? It would seem a much more favorable option, especially if chemo is anticipated afterward. My husband's aunt had a laparoscopic oopherectomy (both sides) in January, and had a fabulous recovery.

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