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Procedures for Incontinence

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I am considering having a surgical procedure done because of my stress incontinence problems resulting from my prostate surgery over 2 years ago. I'm considering either: 1) the male "sling" or 2) artificial sphincter. I was wondering if anyone has had either of these and would be willing to discuss the success rate of these. I had my prostate removed by Dr. Jean Joseph at Strong Memorial Hospital, Rochester, NY, by robotic lathroscopic surgery.

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Hi I'm new to this just started looking around different sites recently.I was diagnosed with prostate ca. in feb. had a R.P. on march 18th come home on the 21st.
have been having alot of trouble with incontenence. After seeing your message as well as others I'm not feeling real good about this.
I'm 53 years old , live in west tn., I'm a 32 year veteran in the fire service. I really am not sure how it will be going back to work with diapers it's really scary.
I have been able to have an erection but with the leakage we were hesitant to pursue it. This is the hardest thing I have ever had to deal with.
My wife has been the greatest thru everything not sure what I would do without her.
I know this did not help you with any of your questions but I just wanted to say hi and wish you luck.

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I had Prostate surgery in 2004 and had the "Sling" surgery in 2005. I am still leaking. I carry a pad with me in case I'm standing for a long period of time. I'm okay sitting or laying down. I am now thinking of getting the Artificial Sphincter as well as the "Pump" for E.D. Ck.out what Harvs has to say about the surgery.

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Look at the messages from Bajakid

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please take a look at this:



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I have a artificial sphincter, in fact it is the second one. I had the first one implanted in March 2001, it was the greatest thing since peanut butter. I had a little leakage when I laughed or sneezed but this was a l000 times better than no control at all. Worked great till I had bypass (5) surgery and someone went to large on the cath and damaged cuff on the implant. The implant had to be removed and healing had to take place before a new one could be implanted, it was hell going back to no control. I would never want to be without it. If you go with it, you will not be sorry.

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Not sure if you've made a decision yet. But, I'm 48, 2yrs since my LRP, still incontinent. I am going to talk to my doctor in July about the collagen injections. Least invasive and maybe just maybe this will help me. I don't like the idea of another surgery with the options you mentioned, that's why I'm going to give the injections a shot----no pun intended....Let me know what you have found out in your decision process and I'll let you know what's up on my end.

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I had robodic surgery in the summer of 2006. Cancer free, but was 100% incontenent and very bad ED. In summer of 2007 I was implanted with autificial spinter and penis pump up prostetic in two different surgerys. Both are great, gave me my quality of life back. Still have to wear a pad for small leakage, but thats ok. If you only have a little leakage this may not be right for you. My surgen said a good surgery is only one pad a day. The penis pump should be a last resort, if nothing else works this will. Not quite as good as the real thing but it works for me. I have both pumps and lots of tubes but you can not tell. Like I said it gave me back my life.

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I had Robotic Removal of Prostate in December 2007.
I had a Sling procedure on December 18, 2008. I used three pads for two days after the procedure then I was able to not use them. I was told by my new Doctor that My bladder had been placed slightly too low in 2007. The Sling worked for me. Out Patient procedure with a little soreness.

Good luck on your decision.

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Who was your Doctor for the Sling surgery??
Many thanks--lion1

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May not be the news you are looking for but I too had a sling put in about 3 years back. Had a radical prostectomy in July 1995, external beam radiation in April and May 2000 and started hormone treatment continuously about 5 years back (around 2004). My sling worked real good for about 2 years and then it stopped. I didn't even have to use pads during the first 2 years. I truly believe that the external beam radiation I received back in 2000 just keeps on giving. My navel was herniated and I was soaking wet all the time. My doctor fixed the navel and put the sling in at the same time. Now that I am leaking again I use about 5 pads a day. It's not that bad when I'm just laying around but when I am working, lifting, or straining it's back to 5 pads. I am considering the artificial sphincter now.

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