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colon cancer stage 4

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Is anyone on here that has stage 4 colon cancer,they thought I had ovarian cancer then found out I had colon cancer that spread to my ovaries

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I was stage 3 - but there are a number of stage IV's on the board. I hope you hear from them.

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I also have stage 4 colon with mets to the liver. Stay positive. Are they going to do a colon resection? Has it spread anywhere else? I ended up going through a few surgeries and fourty rounds of chemo. I am doing great. Not NED yet but looking forward to that day. If you need any info please feel free to contact me.

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Thank you for your post,I did have surgery my liver was clean it only went to my ovaries and some lymphnotes,the problem is I feel such an urgency like I need to do everything right now,since I may not be here tomorrow did you feel that way............thank you Doris

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There are a lot of us on this board. Mine metastized to the liver, and now lungs. I was dx'd in Nov. 05 and since then have had two surgeries, including a liver resection this last July. I am now looking at the possibility of lung surgery. There is no doubt that the road is long, but there are many stories on this board of stage 4 survivors who are currently NED, and others, like me, who have been battling for years. This board is a wonderful place to ask questions, vent, or just gather information. Information is power when battling this disease. Keep the faith. Monica

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Hi Doris,
I was diagnosed stage four in June 2006. It had metastasized to my liver. I had thirteen rounds of folfox, five and a half weeks of radiation, colon and liver resection. I am currently cancer free and have been out of treatment for one year.
Stay positive and be sure to ask any questions you may have. Stage four can be beaten!

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I am over 6 yrs clear from stage 4. Mine was liver mets. I've been on this board since 2003 trying to offer hope to others. What amazes me is the ages of those diagnosed. There was once a post many yrs back on here that asked the age of diagnosis, and majority were under age 50. I was 33 @ diagnosis.

Ron50 has been clear over 10 yrs, and so has foxy. There are SO many inspirational stories. A great way to read about them is to wander the personal web pages of some of the names you see in this section.

Stay strong and hopeful! I heard the greatest quote this morning, Today cannot be the end of the world because it's already tomorrow in Australia! lol


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I'm also stage IV and what happened to you also happended to me. At first they thought it was ovaries that spread to my colon but after looking at the tissue itself it was shown to be colon cancer mets to ovaries and uterus. They even took a sample up to one of the larger hospitals here in Michigan just to be sure. That was April of 2005. I've had a few recurrences since and I'm holding my own. Hope all goes well with you and lots of luck with your battle.

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stage 4 here: colon surgery 9/06, chemo, liver resection 2/07, chemo, lung resection 11/07, all clear right now. The lung mets were not seen in scans but showed up later. That surgery was the easiest for me. I felt like you at first, rushed on everything and now I try to enjoy each day and realize I'm promised nothing. I did start a blog and when I forget how bad the bad days were, I go back and remember. It makes it easier to go to work and not complain. Like Churchill said, "If you are going thorugh hell..don't stop..." Stage 4 can be beaten...I get scananxiety constantly as as 49 year old father and was on antidepressants that really helped me at times.
All my best

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Stage 4 hear. DH was dx'd in June 05. Mets to the liver. Can't count the number of treatments but ther have been many. Today, he is still here and working everyday. He is not NED but, so far, everything is managable.
It is hard for you to hear now, but this is a journey. Just know that everyone here is ready and able to help you. You will learn so much and receive so much encouragement.
Feel free to ask, quote, talk and vent.

There are so many stage 4 survivors here. Their experiences and success has helped DH and me in so many ways. It is nice to know there are so many people that are NED
Visit often.

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Hi, Doris, I'm Sally I'm 34yrs old have had stage 4, colon cancer with mets to liver and lungs as well. It's been almost 2 yrs now have been doing nostop chemo all this time. And yes I felt the same way you do. I did do as many things as I could to make everything as easy as I could when I'm not here any longer. I'm a single mom with to young kids..Just do what you feel is right for you..

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Hi. I undertand how your feeling. We all do. Remember even if you were as healthy as a horse and no dx, there was no guarantee that you'd be here tomorrow either. Hope you understand what I mean. The important thing is to live each day as it comes and enjoy all the "small" blessings that come with it. Good luck and God Bless

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