50% of regular dose.

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Because my father was still recovering from 8 weeks in the hospital due to blood poisening (and all the complications it brought with it) his oncologist started him on 75% of the regular dose of Xelada. That dose was reduced after my father developed bad diarrhea to 50%.
Does a 50% of Xelada do anything to the tumor? ... I mean would that amount shrink it?!
So far he's had the 75% dose and the two 50% doses. The oncologist wants to do a Ct-scan after the 4th round.


  • shmurciakova
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    Geez, I have no idea. When I was on Xeloda though I got such bad hand and foot syndrome that my doctors cut it way back for me too. Sorry your Dad is having so much trouble. How are you doing by the way? Are things looking up?
    -Susan H.
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    I'm not sure about Xeloda, but I know someone who is on 50% of another chemo cocktail and he's had 30% reduction. I'll pray that the c-scan tells a similar story. Monica