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My darling wife has had Kidney Cancer for over 6 years. She is now only 44 years old. It has been a stuggle, especially the last couple of years. She has had mutiple surgeries, nephorectomy, lymph node removal, vertebrate scraping and metal rod stabalizing, tried numerous clinical trials, special diets, homeopathic medicine and chinese medicine. We are in Canada, thank God for the medical system as it is expensive enough with out worring about all the medical costs. I just want to say that nothing is for sure with this terrible disease. Nothing, from what I have been reading in the past few years is exactly the same, as this cancer does not like to play fair. Enjoy life. I don't want to scare anyone, but you really just don't know how things are going to go with this cancer. As our oncologist told us years ago that this cancer may disappear for 10 years but will probably show up sometime. Make every day count. My wife is a real special person. She has never complained with all that she has gone through, and is a real inspiration. I know all that she has done over the years has made an impact on the cancer and impeded its progress. Keep the hope!


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    God bless you both! Your wife sounds like a real warrior! I think that's what is needed when you are diagnosed with this disease. I was initially diagnosed in 2001 with (thus far) only one recurrence to the lung. But I hear you loud and clear - hope is all we have - that and that 'warrior spirit' of your lovely wife and yours as well!
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    Dear Ger39, What we learn when we get cancer is such a valuable life lesson for us and those around us! What we really learn is how wonderful it is to have great and loving partners. You are so right, life is so wonderful, I refuse to sweat the small stuff, at least I'm trying! God Bless and Good Luck too, Anniec