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Hello to all, and welcome to all the new ladies! Well, the bad stuff is back again...the topotecan only worked while I was on it. I'm being treated with Gemzar and Carbo now, and have already had an allergic reaction to the carbo. I'm being treated in a small town cancer center and they don't put a lot of effort into premedication or desensitization. I have already looked into traveling to Johns Hopkins and have had a preliminary appointment with a wonderful gyn-onc. I'm ready for spring too!! I will remain as optimistic as I can. Blessings to all!

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Charlotte, I had to take Methylprednisolone after each of my Taxol/Carboplatin chemos. Now that I am on only Taxol with no reaction, I don't react so it was the carbo for me. The steroid pack did the trick and I didn't have a moon face after 8 rounds. I also am allergic to the CT scan IV dye and have to do the same each time I have a scan. I also get benedryl before each IV chemo. I am glad that you are going to see the gyn/onc. I would ask him about this if I were you. Hope this new treatment does the trick. (((Hugs and prayers))) Saundra

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I was on carbo and topopecan through 9 cycles. I broke out in hive during my 9th cycle of carbo. They always gave me the counterpart of benedryl and some steroids before all of my treatments. I also had to take Methylprednisolonefor 2-3 days after my treatment. On my first round of chemo I took
Methylprednisolone the day before treatment as well. I am glad you are going to Johns Hopkins, let me know what treatment they prescribe and how you do. Lots of good thoughts and prayers.

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Charlotte - I am sorry to hear your news. I had reactions to Taxol - but did fine on taxotere & carbo, cisplatin was also tolerated. As with the other ladies I received steroids, benadryl and something else before I received chemo and then did dexamethasone (sp?)for a few days after chemo.

I will thinking good thoughts for you and please let us know how your appointment goes at Johns Hopkins. Hugs


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Dear Charlotte, sorry the topotecan didn't give you a break. I am also allergic to Carbo and it was stopped in the original treatments with Taxol. But after 5 years of different chemos, I am getting it again but desensitized carbo. So I start taking steroids 24 hours before treatment, go in the hospital for 24 hours and get it very slow with lots more steroids and other drugs. It appears to working. Sending lots of prayers for you and the new dr visits.

Hugs N Prayers Bonnie

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