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Healing process following treatment

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I completed my radiation and chemo on my base of tongue cancer end of Dec. 07. As of April 5, I am still underweight, raspy throat, can't eat solid foods, and relatively weak. Don't see Dr. till 4/18. Don't know if healing process is normal.

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it seems like your healing process is like what most of us have gone through. do you have a peg tube? how are you getting your nutrition? i am nine mos out of treatments and am getting better at eating solids but i am limited to soups, and things with lots of gravy or sauces because of the dry mouth. i still have my peg but don't use it much anymore so i am hoping to get it out soon. i substitute my diet with ensure. hang in there...as everyone says, it will get better. hope this helps.

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I am about 2 months ahead of you (last rads and chemo in Oct-07). Only difference probably that my cancer was in a tonsil. I would say what you describe in healing process is right on track. I would rather think of it now though as healing "progress" because you are in fact progressing. For now accept the fact that it is day-by-day and a game of inches. You will see more significant change I think on the 3 month increments (90 days, 120 days, etc.). But daily change is much harder to see. Hang in there..............it'll get better.........and that's a promise from a bunch of folks who have "been there done that"..........JK

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If you take a few minutes and scroll back several pages (say the last years worth) I bet you will see every name that is active in here having written basically the same post you have, and darned if every one of us thought we were healing slower than we should! LOL
My last tx was 3/28/07 and still am in the healing mode. I have my trusty water bottle at hand 24/7/365 and still have to take small bites and eat very slowly as not to choke, and spicey foods.....um NO! Not as of yet


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finished treatment 05/07 had rad neck dissection im 06/07 ,,,didnt start eating till thanksgiving 07,,,food tasted horrible,,,had difficulty swallowing,,lost 60 lbs,,,as of 04/15/08 gained almost all weight back,,,food taste great most days,,,still dont have alot of energy,,,feeling much better though,,,hang in there all should be coming around for you soon!!

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I had a radical neck dissection followed with radio and chemotherapy in 2002 and have been through what you are now going through, it will get better but it is a slow process. concentrate on the positives - as your taste returns you will find you are able to discern far more and will enjoy tastes far more. as for the soreness i found that Solpadol effervescent 30/500 worked wonders on my throat, for some reason only solpadol and no other brand did this - must be something in the base ingredients? McDonalds milkshakes are a good source of calories as are Calshakes made with ice cold milk and they have a lubricating and numbing effect.

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