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rising cea

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My husband diag.cc stage 4 spread to omentum and peritoneum sept. 06 had surgery did not get it all out last 2 scan/pet clear except the activity noted below followed with 15 folfox chemo cea had been 0.8-2.5.suddenly cea went up to 5.2 a repeat was 5.3.Recent scan showed some activity rectal area colonoscopy was clear some axillary lymph node activity not of a concern no change from previous scan.Does any body know whats going on I am very worried

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I wouldn't pretend to know what is going on. However, as has been stated on these boards many times, CEA is a very iffy measurement. It is a good indicator for some people and not so much for many others. I was diagnosed 3A - I had a polyp no tumors and my CEA is always around 3.4 - it is different for everyone and not very reliable. Get whatever tests your oncologist or doctors recommend, it could be something or it could very well not mean a thing. I sometimes wonder why they even tell us - I was told that anything under 3.7 was "normal" and I asked why mine whas so close - and the answer was - it's just they way you are. Don't panic, just follow through and see what the other tests show.

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I don't want to scare you either, but my boyfriend said he read an article in the paper about polyps and tumors not being the only cancerous cause in the colon. I don't remember exactly what they were referring to, but it was something about a rip or tear in the colon that is very hard for doctors to see, even with a colonoscopy. There is a dye they can use that will show the tear. Maybe this is something you can ask the GI about if all else fails?

Good luck with it, and keep us posted!

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