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Wow!! Thank You!

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I posted yesterday about my husband diagnosed 3B, colon resection, currently doing FolFox. I was amazed at the responses, encouragement, and shared stories from all that responded. Ron-yours success w/colon cancer are the ones I want to hear! That goes for Susan H, Pamness, Claudia, and Michelle too!! I read the responses to my post yesterday from you all. I sat at my computer and cried. I was able to "vent" and put into words what I actually keep bottled up inside. I feel it was such therapy to post yesterday and the outpouring of encouragement was a dose of medicine. I have never been a "support" group type of person, not into "self-hlep" or anything like that. I tend to keep my emotions to myself and act like everything is alway great. I know now that I need this Forum!! I read posts here for about 2 weeks before posting anything myself. Maybe I felt if I didn't acknowledge my husbands cancer it would just go away. We have 3 children 10, 12, and 14. My husband has finished #5 of 12 Folfox treatments~we are on our way!!!

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You are on your way indeed! and you are quite welcome...
-Susan H.

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I was like you and wanted to hear the success stories when I was diagnosed. I was told I had a 67% chance of a cure. I had stage 3 with 2 positive nodes. To say I was petrified is putting it mildly. It was not an easy road, but I am here 5 years later and remain NED. Your husband will get there too. Hang in there.


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Sounds like your husband is doing really well. I, too, am not a self help, group sort of person - but maybe now I am. All the best.

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Jmarie, i think most of us here are just like you...that's why we're here, and not sitting in a a depressing room somewhere with the chairs all arranged in a circle so we can see everyone else's shame! Everyone keeps encouraging me to go to an ostomy group. It's not what i want. I have met people here who are going through exactly what i'm going through, or they have gone through it, and they give me all the info i need. I honestly had to stop coming here for a short time because i was getting depressed, (and i was miserable from my surgery), but this is the best place in the world for support.

I just started my 2nd cycle of a 12 cycle folfox regimen. How is your husband doing with the icicle pins and needles neuropathy? I notice it's much worse this cycle than last. Are his getting worse?

Many hugs, and best wishes!

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This board has a great deal of information and compassion. We are glad to support eachother in this fight. One thing that, as a caregiver, you must not forget is to stay close to your husband emotionally. Lots of hugs and an oportunity to cry together. My husband felt he had to stay strong for me and I really just needed someone to cry with. Be that person and the strong one too. Tall order for a caregiver, but it will bring you very close when you share the tears.
Jo Ann

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Krista..My husband just finished 5/12 on the Folfox. The tingling is still there-he is taking a vitamin B pill to help alleviate this. He also lotions his hands and feet multiple times a day since they are peeling so bad. He does wear gloves to take things out of the fridge, and warms his milk in the microwave. But we are almost 1/2 there and are trying to accept the side effects for the big picture. I just found out on Friday that they found a tumor 6.2x6.3mm on my Mom's pancreas and believe it to be cancer. I have cried all weekend and just cannot believe that my 2 best friends are dealing w/this beast. My mom is to go for a CT scan, blood test and biopsy and I am praying the doctor spoke out of turn!! Marie

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You and your family are in my prayers.

Feel free to come here as often as you need/want to. I have found it to be a great place for the caregiver. There are many times you need to receive before you can continue to give. I have more experience in this area than I would have liked. This board is not just for the patient. I don't think that I would have emotionally survived the first few months without prayers and the support I found here.
I am not one to join a support group but this group is different. You can ask or tell anything without someone watching you. I hate for people to see my cry and I did a lot of crying for many months.
A note of encouragement to you. My DH was dx'd at stage 4 in 2005. He has been on many different combos of chemo. Is he NED - no. Is he walking, talking, working and doing things daily - absolutely. After almost three years, it seems that this has become a part of our life. I know you can't imagine it at this time but the shock will wear off - maybe slowly - but you will come to grips with what is happening. You can do this. It seems that sickness always comes in two in my family. My Mom and niece both were sick at the same time and I moved in with my Mom for two years. They died four days apart. Less than two years later my DH ws dx'd and the next day his father got sick. I was and am the only one to make decisions and care of both of them. I understand you load. I also know that you can find the strength to do this and we will be here to help you.
Keep us posted.

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