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Clean bill of health !

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Joined: Oct 2007

Looks like whoever read my last CT scan screwed up. The "spot" they saw saw ON my thyroid was in reality, the dead original tumor the body has yet to reabsorb.


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oh that is such wonderful news!!! prayers for your continued good health...isnt there a saying:"they cant keep a good man down!' .....HEHEHE...KIND OF LIKE THE JOKES ON THEM..HUH...DRS.....THEY THINK THEY KNOW EVERYTHING....HAH

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Phew, what a relief!! That's great news. I am happy for you.

Keep well.

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see there? like you say bill...you will probably die at 99 from a jealous husband! LOL!!!!!!!!

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Fantastic news..............I knew this would come out better than feared......JK

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Grrrrrrreat news. Hope you continue to improve.

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