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liver enzymes - please translate.

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During todays visit the oncologist said "The liver enzymes are lower - so thats encouraging".
What exactly does it mean if the liver enzymes are getting lower??

We (the family + family doc) have been suspecting what has been showing up on CT-scans and Pet scans has not been only cancer - but rater hepatitis C and calcium deposits due to alcohol consumption.
The oncologist is not willing to discuss the liver in any detail.

If the liver enzymes are lowering - is that because the liver is "recovering" ... would it be doing that if the cancer on the liver is getting smaller after 2 rounds of Xelada? (or would it be the fact he hasn't had a drop of alcohol for 7 months now)

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The liver enzymes getting lower I would presume to mean they are moving closer to normal. It is hard to tell why but likely not having alcohol for 7 months is a major factor but there is no way to tell for sure. They will probably need to wait until rescanning him to see about the progress from the chemo.


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I do not have the answer for you, but here is a website to tell you anything and everything about the liver and what are the most current options available for treatment. If you cannot find your answer on the website - I would contact them. Dr. Geller did a liver ablation and liver resection for my husband in 12/04 when everyone else said there was nothing to be done for his Stage IV colon cancer. My husband has had reoccurence, but not in his liver. They gave him the chance he needed to fight. If you have other questions-let me know. Here is the website: http://www.upmc.com/Services/LiverCancerCenter/
Good luck.Keeping you im my thoughts and prayers.
Mary Kay

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Hi Fergus,
If your fathers liver enzymes are getting lower and his CEA is dropping, then I would assume his chemo is working and his cancer is getting better. If his CEA is high and his liver enzymes are improving then maybe it is from not drinking. If his CEA is totally normal and hasn't been rising and the enzymes are getting back to normal, then I'd say the problem could be Hep. C rather than cancer at all...I don't understand what you are saying about the oncologist not wanting to discuss the liver with you. Maybe you need to see a liver specialist.
I hope that helps.
-Susan H.

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