I just found out I have skin cancer as a direct result of the radio therapy I had 7 years ago....any

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I had Hodgkin's Lymphoma about 7 years ago and now I have my secondary cancer I was warned about...what's next? At 27 I'm now fighting my second bought of cancer. I know i will be ok but I feel frustrated.


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    Hi Carly, You are young to have had two cancers already. I am 61 and had colon cancer 5 years ago; breast cancer 4 months ago and melanoma about 2 months ago. Early detection is the key. I wish you the best of luck. Regards, Arlene
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    Ohh Man, so sorry to hear but darn good thing your young. You will fight this well and live to tell more about it here and I sure hope to hear about it too!. Being as I have stage 4 melanoma with mantises to also brain tumor. I sure hope I dont go through what you will have to now as I am 50 and had and still have a bit of hard time with this one. What has helped me and I don’t go around telling everybody as if I know a cure but with me (and keep in mind every bodys different but I sure know this helped me is a drink called AMLA RUSH from www.myseriesse.com/agelessbeauty, It gave me more energy and helped fight off colds as well. I know the thing about everybody coming up and saying: hey take this or hey take that. I have heard it all from people on the street to most all family members all seem to have a cure, so take this with a grain of salt, but It did help me. Keep up the fight! Stay strong as you can and above all. KEEP A POSITIVE ATTUDE. You will look back on all this and be able to tell all, you had it, you fought it and won!! You DID!! ~~Mike Barbour, another fighter. [email protected]
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    What you MUST understand is that cancer is no respector of persons or age. I was 42 yrs ago when I found miraculously that I was already at a stage III Melanoma. My best friend, a retired physician found the menlanoma. His wife did the biopsy. Let's just say, like you, I got a fast lesson I could have gone a lifetime without learning. The best thing you must do is NOT to listen to everyone telling you your're young, things are going to be fine, you'll make it, etc. and just forgive them as they are just saying these things becuase they don't know what else to say. After the physicians or surgeons do what they need to do, even though the outcome might be good, and things look good, you will still have thoughts of what if they didnt' get it all. Are there any cells that they missed. Could it happen again? It is natural to think of this. Even though you want to make sure you have a positive attitude, don't let anyone chastize you for thinking some of the things you will think. I am now 6 years without a major melanoma. I did have a minor one removed last year that hadn't even gotten to a level one! Hopefully you are a praying person and have a stong belief structure in God. It WILl HELP. The worst part to get past is the why me. I remember the time I started to cry after finding out that I was already a stage III and asking why me. The Holy Spirit in my hear said, dude, you live in a human body, in a human world and nothing is gurranteed. I quickly thought of the little children I saw in the cancer center, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10 and 15 year olds, all with full lives ahead of them but now, with various types of cancer and all of a sudden, my little cancer didn't seem so bad. The quicker you stop fighting the FACT that you have cancer, the quicker you accept that fact, you can begin to focus on survival. Contact me if you want to talk. After knowing you more, I will give you my cell phone number to contact me day or night no matter what time in case you needed someone to talk to. I remember needed to talk to someone, anyone, at 3am but not having anyone to talk to, well anyone I felt I could call at any time. Get in touch with me, no preaching, just one cancer survivor TO ANOTHER!
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    Carly, by the way, I just read my post and realized that it sounded like I had cancer 42 years ago, but the fact is, I was 42 when it happened. I am now 50 and I also wanted to add something. The friend who found the melanoma, I had met 5 years to the day before he found my melanoma. I was in the hospital a month, then on IV therapy for another month at home with a 24/7 RN, then one month later, my best friend, the one who found the cancer, suddenly was taken to the hospital went into a coma and two weeks later, he died. I feel that five years prior, God knew I would need to meet someone I would respect enough who would make me get the "spot" checked out. This was the last thing in his life that he had to do. He litterally saved my life! One thing I found is that during the down time with the cancer, I learned, I appreciated more things in life than ever before. Keep the faith and make sure to do something for someone else and you'll be amazed how blessed you will be.